Imagining mother nature in full bloom

Imagine living in a wonderful place surrounded by nature’s bounty. Lush green rolling hills and hinterland for miles with mountainous caverns on one side and beautiful wild ocean seas on the other full of sand and glorious surf. A subtropical environment where fruit and vegetables grow plentiful due to the rainfall and rich soils. A plethora of colours, palm trees, birds calling, beautiful exotic flowers and plants and wildlife.

Such a place exists; a colourful nature artist’s dream for the likes of Latesha Houston a visual artist and illustrator who creates vibrant, joyful pieces of art to match her environment.

She is a self-taught artist with some instruction from various art inspiring mentors along the way. Her work involves piecing somewhat random elements of nature together. A multi-faceted artist who loves to draw first and foremost with works on paper including inks, gouache, watercolour and ink pens. This gives her the opportunity to work in more finite detail and to enjoy the fluidity of watercolour all in one. Her other

Her other favourite medium consists of acrylics, oils and enamel on canvas giving the rich brightness of colours across the canvas. Equally in love with both mediums she incorporates the same themes across both areas of her work. Many objects reach her canvas when she paints as she doesn’t want you to miss out on all that she’s seen and where she’s been! The eternal wanderer and discoverer of nature and its beauty. Check out more of her beautiful art range online at

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