The Perfect Pantyhose Everyone Is Talking About

Modern life makes many demands. Women’s undergarments should offer them style, versatility, comfort and convenience for every occasion. Convertibles by Glogover Hosiery is the only 3-in-1 pantyhose in the world with a patented seamless toe flap that folds back and under the foot. Convertibles are not only practical, but are a fashion accessory that transcends beyond a trend and are an item that every woman can benefit from and enjoy.


Created for the modern woman, Convertibles takes her from day to night with one pair of hose. The versatility of Convertibles allows her to wear pantyhose the traditional way with closed-toe heels at the office, while also making it possible for a quick pedicure after work by rolling the toe-flap up to ankle-high. She can then roll the toe-flap down to open-toe and throw on her favorite toe-less heels for a dinner date or night out with friends.

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