INSTALOC8: Less location scouting, more creating killer content.


What is INSTALOC8?

A crowd-sourced database of awesome locations for creatives. Spend less time location scouting and more time creating killer content.

How does it work?

Simply use keywords to search for locations that suit your creative needs. Once locations have been submitted, they will be added to our database, where it is possible to look up locations based on preferences like city, country, colour, aesthetic, and keywords.

Right now, INSTALOC8 is only a website – a website that is dependent on the public’s submissions of locations that they deem great for creatives! The more locations we have to offer, the more useful our database will be. Help us grow!

Who are we? Creatives. Just like you.

We are a group of grammers, bloggers and photo-enthusiasts who feel for the guys and gals who are tired of putting time into location scouting. INSTALOC8 is a database of curated, tried and true locations to help creatives produce stellar content. Check out the story behind INSTALOC8 on the blog, here:

How do you submit a location?

It’s easy! Simply submit a location submission form by clicking here:

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