Talking about Personal Branding…

Recently Mel blogged about “personal branding” which got me thinking a little. From my blog to my fashion label right down to my car, it’s been all about PRINCESSA, even when you hop on to my site ( the first thing you see is PRINCESSA’s logo. It’s as if Sabrina Wang doesn’t really exist. And that really got me thinking if that’s really what I’m looking for at this stage of my life.

(No denying that it’s probably one of my better branding directives of all time.)

There’s no denying that PRINCESSA was/is my pride possession. It’s the name I fronted myself with since the very beginning. It was a lot easier for someone like me, to keep to a persona rather than be myself. But with SAUCEink now in place, it’s probably time to separate the persona and myself into two entities, I think.

Step one, my logo.

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