Mob-Ex Awards 2016 Singapore by Marketing Interactive

Technology is one of my true loves, and it’s great to see projects that I’m involved in flourish so miraculously. Today marks an achievement by the team as they received the Silver award for Best Mobile Solution – Mobile Site during the MOB-EX Awards 2016 by Marketing Interactive.

I never really thought I’d have the opportunity to attend an event like such, it’s a little out of my usual and very much an eye-opening experience.

A little update on what has been going on with life lately, not too long ago, Big Apps Idea took an interest in my little ol’ project SAUCEink and in late January 2016, they formally invested in it. There’s a long back story to this and a very interesting one. But at 4am in the morning, nothing sounds as interesting as the snoring of my babyboy as he goes into lalaland, yes, without me.


Anyway, joining forces (SAUCEink and Big Apps Idea) so to speak, our guys started working on as well – a must-have campaign solution for all businesses. Yes, campaign solution, doesn’t that sound familiar eh; and it’s very much mobile 2.0 (I lost count on the numbers/versions).




Quoted by Rayana Pandsy, Editor of Marketing Magazine, “Nothing sells like success, mobile continues to remain a hot topic, not only in our part of the world, but globally.” True that, mobile has taken stage for the longest time, and it’s still a talking point after, 5 years? (Pardon my lack of accurate dates.)


“We are honoured to receive this justification of our efforts to create a platform where retail owners are able to not just gain new customers by the digital means of word of mouth marketing, but also to be able to retain and reward them while at it,” says Welson Ang, CEO of, Big Apps Idea.


“The team worked very hard to get this up and running, we believe that with this solution, merchants no longer need to spend thousands of dollars and on top of that wait months before being able to launch a system,” says James Wee, Director of Sales, of, Big Apps Idea. “Just 7 minutes and 4 easy steps is all it takes start your campaign!”

“In established markets, mobile providers are busy building 4G LTE networks that offer faster, more reliable data speeds,” says Rayana Pandsy. “It will account for 80% of total mobile subscriptions in Singapore by 2018, 40% in the Philippines and close to a third in Malaysia and Thailand.”

Ladies and gentlemen, see how this is strategically well planned out? Read a little more to understand what I mean…


“ saw this potential in South-East Asia, we truly believe that technology is the way to the future,” says Welson Ang. “We hope to be able to grow with times and educate retail owners to grow with us.” is currently in 13 countries, with more emphasis on closer neighbours, aside from Singapore, such as Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam.

The thing is, it was 12 countries initially, Philippines came into the picture when, *drums roll* the forces combined. Now tell me if this isn’t fate.


A bit congratulations to the team and as the Chinese say, “huat ah!”

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