Growing up as an Entrepreneur…

Every step of something new is a new experience. Sometimes you stumble and fall, and sometimes you miraculously get it done perfectly without hiccups. There’s really no hard and fast rule in life.

I’ve always been the kind of entrepreneur that stays a distance away just so not expose too much of my shortcomings. As time goes by, I realises, it’s okay. Everyone has shortcomings. It’s about learning to overcome them and grow.

I’m a planner-type; I plan/organise, coordinate, but when it comes to the there and then show, I’m what I call (somewhat geek-term) a ninja. You’d hardly see me. This perhaps is one of my greatest flaw in the last 3 years, something I’m forcing myself to overcome.

I have my reasons, I’m a perfectionist, and nothing, NOTHING, is ever up to the expectations in my head. I would rather call it off then cut corners and let things slide. As such, I avoid being around just so I don’t see things fall out of place (and also, I have a thing about people draining my energy level…).

After a few rounds of looking at things from a different prospective, I’ve learned one thing, there’s no such thing as perfection. I accept that now.

As an old saying goes, the show must go on. Rejections is just part and parcel of success. Being stubborn might be a flaw, but that’s one flaw I consider a merit.

Just some thoughts after some conversations, and some disappointments.

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