The pros of invisible braces

Look at that title and digest it for a moment, invisible braces, two words that look wrong together but in fact are the perfect description for just about the biggest breakthrough in orthodontics we have ever seen. The big word has to be ‘invisible’ and for those who remember the old metal and wire braces from years back can be forgiven for not quite being able to comprehend how braces can be invisible.


The best invisible braces on the market are those from Invisalign, and they are transforming mouths across the country as even those who have suffered from crooked teeth and bad bites for decades are now plucking up the courage to get something done about them once and for all. They are virtually undetectable and completely removable, which means your oral hygiene is in no way compromised.

Smooth and Pain Free Realignment

Invisible braces realign your teeth over a period of time and as opposed to the old ones which were fixed into place a screw turned to keep the alignment going, these are a series of aligners that are each only worn for 2 weeks then are replaced by the next set. Each set moves the teeth a little bit more and are so comfortable to wear that many only remove them to clean their teeth and are not one iota embarrassed to be wearing them.

Accessible to All

You will be hard pressed to find a dentist these days who does not offer invisible braces. As orthodontics has come to the forefront of modern dentistry the proponents of the branch of medicine are moving with the times faster than any other area. Even small dental practices will have an orthodontist on board so you won’t miss out on the latest treatments just because you live in a rural backwater. Here is some more food for thought.


As with everything of this ilk the price has dropped dramatically as it has become accessible to the masses. They still don’t come cheap however but the vast majority of dentist now offer flexible payment plans so you can have the latest dental treatments without it breaking the bank. As we embrace orthodontics with arms open wide and are seeking treatments not available on the NHS dentists have been forced to offer these finance options to allow us to have the teeth we have always dreamed off, and aren’t we glad we have.

Say Cheese

There are no more tight lipped smiles on photos, looking for food that you don’t have to chew or being embarrassed full stop. Everyone who wears an invisible brace can laugh, smile, eat and do whatever the heck they want as they feel great about wearing them. Thousands of us who were forced through the torture of those metal cages in our mouths as kids will look at what is on offer today and think β€œif only……”. Those whose job involves meeting the public can also do this with confidence as they know they look great and their teeth are being straightened at the same time, a win win situation.

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