Chingchoks, chingchoks, chingchoks NO GECKO!

A gecko is a regular households fauna, these little reptiles are usually seen after daylight because of their nocturnal nature, they are at least 3-6 inches long and likes warm climate. They sometimes chew on electrical wiring and cause appliances to break. Their eggs and feces can be a general nuisance inside residences and people nowadays considers them household pests. It has been very hard to get rid of them! Good thing NoGecko spray team is here for rescue! Armed with the kickass spray and LSS that would make you sing their anthem! Chingchoks, chingchoks, chingchoks NO GECKO!

Watch the Ad commercial and get to know the dance and how the spray works!

NoGecko ad commercial has got to be one of the most effective product campaign ever done. The first 10 seconds would cause major LSS (Last Song Syndrome) to the viewer and the awkward dance routine coupled by the funny slapstick comedy stint made this video an instant hit. The clever use of words heard in the lyrics of the song is priceless. It tells you how to use the product in a very fun way and it also successfully delivered the message that it’s 100 percent safe and its 100 percent effective.

It’s a blessing for people with Herpetophobia!




Since most of the site visitors do not understand Thai, they provided an info graphic on how to use the product!

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