The way I pick up calls?

It is annoying when someone calls you, ask if you’re busy, you reply yes, then the person says, “Nevermind, you go do your thing then.”

Obviously, this is annoying. Didn’t you call for a reason? I honestly hope you did, or at least it’s to ask how I’m doing. I can accept that as well. But if you’re just calling for the sake of calling simply because, you want to waste your phone bill and listen air… technically, I’m kewl with that too, so long as it was made clear.


It’s even MORE annoying, when the person ends with, “You have nothing to say to me?”

Seriously, you called, and you’re asking me if I have something to say to you? Wouldn’t I have called if I had something to say/ask you?

Well, sorry if I don’t sound enthusiastic when picking up the phone. I’m exhausted, on a daily basis. Even when Priss calls, who apparently has the highest of privilege in my books, I’d still answer the call with, “Yes?”

Caller ID already told me who you are. Were you expecting me to pick up with, “OMG I can’t believe you called! Hey man, what’s up?!” Well, if you have MIA-ed for a really long time and you suddenly called out of the blue, maybe, if I’m in a really good mood. But even so, that’s nearly as rare as sighting a solar eclipse.


Sorry, the day I pick up the call this way (all excited and enthusiastic), I’m either;

1. High on whatsoever.
2. Brain fried for some apparent reason.
3. Exchanged my soul with… Duchess?
4. Gone mad.
5. Being extremely sarcastic.

Make your pick?

So yes, I am not all that enthusiastic when I pick up the phone simply because, when the phone rings it means I’m answerable for something, regardless. It’s definitely not a call to tell me I won a million dollars, so how excited to you expect me to be? This reminds me of an incident at Clarke Quay, some years back.

I was rushing for an event, and was unfortunately, caught in some candid camera TV programme. What was the programme again? Oh yes, Just for Laughs Gags Asia.


The setup was made to look like an information counter, and I was apparently lost. I went to the counter, asked for direction, and the security guard well… was friendly but out of the blues… something popped out from his shirt, to supposedly freak me or at least expecting some reaction of sorts. Unfortunately, I did not react. I was EXTREMELY PISSED, in my head that is.

For the love of god, all I need were directions. Why did I end up in this mix?

Seconds later (thereabout), a bunch of people came running to me and said I’m on Just for Laughs. My next statement was, “Okay great, so can you give me directions now?” No answer.

They asked why I didn’t react, and my answer was, “I’m in a hurry, I just need directions?” Eventually, they answered but they weren’t sure zZz. I said, “Okay, nevermind then,” and walked off to find a REAL information counter.

So yes, if you’re expecting me to go like “OMG I’m on camera?!” Too bad.

In such a situation, I couldn’t be bothered to react, how dramatic do you expect me to be over a mere phone call?

Food for thought, or not.

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