The Fabulous Life, with Not so Fabulous Hair Style?

I was thinking Chun-Li, no seriously. Okay, I’m kidding. We were heading to the gym, it made more sense to just type up my hair? No one told me I looked a little silly. ;(

Anyway, are you excited to find out who are the selected contestants?!


Watch to find out!

So what do you think? Do I really look that silly?


Okay. Don’t answer that.

Once again, as a special promotion, Fabulous Aesthetics is providing whoever that stays tuned to the programme a treat! Simply fill in the form and select one of the various services of your choice!

Note: To be eligible, you will need to confirm your subscription.

What’s more?!

Download their mobile app now (on Google Play and Apple iTunes) and get the buddy promotion (find out after you download the app)!

Remember I mentioned a treat last week? Okay… I’ll reveal it… sometime this week, promise.

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