The Fabulous Life, Speechless – Fabulous You

Hearing my voice before I lost it, makes me more than depress. These days, once the clock ticks 8, the volume of my speech reduces to near nothingness. Till this day (more than 6 months after), I still can’t quite understand, nor can the doctors, how I lost it. Supposedly, it’d come back, some say it broke… but no one can really tell me what happened. It’s like a case of sleeping beauty, a prick of a needle and it fell into deep slumber. Or probably Ariel, in The Little Mermaid, the damn Octopus witch took it. Unfortunately, this witch gave me nothing in return. I can only resort to considering far fetched tales since modern medicine could not explain my state.

It’s depressing really. I thought, before age could no longer allow me, I would be able to record my first and last album (just for fun, somewhat). Sadly, in the midst of my dream, it was taken away from me.

Anyway, coming back, a memory, the passing, before and probably never again… (over dramatizing), I present to you, Fabulous You!

As a special promotion, Fabulous Aesthetics is providing whoever that stays tuned to the programme a treat! Simply fill in the form and select one of the various services of your choice!

Note: To be eligible, you will need to confirm your subscription.

What’s more?!

Download their mobile app now (on Google Play and Apple iTunes) and get the buddy promotion (find out after you download the app)!

I have something hidden beneath my sleeves. Something I’m only going to reveal when the time is reap. Trust me, it’s going to be a treat. Here’s a hint, read the poster beside me in the screenshot. I’ll leave you to guessing.

It’s amazing to work with local celebrities. Hehe.

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