My Journey to Clearer Vision (Part 2)

Do you remember my story with astigmatism from my last post? Well, let me share the embarrassing situations that my uncorrected astigmatic condition had gotten me into!

Remember how I was on the panel of judges for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2013? I’ve attended several Miss Singapore events as a guest before, but this time I was a panel judge, and had little knowledge of my role.


First, I was required to go on stage to be awarded a “token of appreciation”. I went up the stage, collected the token, and struck my best pose. I turned to look for the exit, but the glare from the stage lighting blurred my vision. I wasn’t able to see the coordinators signalling me to walk off via the front of the stage! Even though I looked calm on the outside, I felt terrible and SO embarrassed! Thankfully no one noticed or pointed out.

From that moment onwards, I decided I was not going to relive that embarrassing moment again!


What exactly is astigmatism, you must be wondering? I wasn’t really sure initially, but I have a better picture after some education provided by Acuvue.

Basically, astigmatism is a condition that causes blurry vision, light haloes, or double vision. It happens when the cornea is more oval than round. This means light rays cannot focus properly on your retina causing blurry vision from all distances.

So how did I correct my astigmatism? With 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM with Triple Care of course! As mentioned in my previous post, I really love this product. Not only do I have clear and crisp vision now but my eyes are healthy and comfortable all day, every day! Now I am confident, there will be no more embarrassing moments as a result of uncorrected astigmatism for me.


Let me tell you a little more about this contact lens. One of my favourite features of 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM is its Auto-Focus Technology, which helps position and keeps my contact lens in place even as I work out or lie on the couch to watch a movie with my dardar. To find out more about Auto-Focus Technology, you can check out the video below!

The best part is at the end of a long day, I’m glad to be able to throw my contact lenses away instead of taking time to clean and store them. I just love that feeling to start my day with a new pair of contact lenses!

I can proudly say “I beat the blur with 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM, my healthier lens of choice!”

Empower yourself, get CLEAR and HEALTHY vision with 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM. Visit to register for a five (5) day consecutive trial.

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