I’m just weird #1


I never liked reporting because it felt like a chore and I generally detest having to do mundan stuff.

So, when we were together (referring to my ex) I just refused to discuss my day (he loved asking “how’s your day?”) thinking it made no point. Now that we’re not together, I find myself more open to sharing it, even if he didn’t ask.

Basically spent about an hour (went over to my ex’s place to get some stuff) just running through the highlights of the last couple of weeks. (He was tired, otherwise we would have possibly talked a lot longer.)

It makes me wonder, if I were a little less rebellious, perhaps things would have not fallen apart?

Today I realised the joy of simply having share with someone the most redundant of things. There’s no purpose or goal.

Perhaps someday, I’d be able to find someone like that again. Someone I feel comfortable enough to just rant my thoughts however insignificant it may be and not feel as though I’d be judged.

Someday, perhaps.

My need for acceptance often hinders as a barrier to truly reveal what goes on in my head. Many times I leave things superficial, giving me enough space to be a spectator. It goes with my need to understand.

Every relationship, friends or otherwise, has a specific formula, like math. No two sums can be identical, unless they are actually the same.

I explain this, somewhat ambigously, for those that bothers reading, to better understand why I do what I do, or say what I say. (I believe most reading this is completely lost right about now…)

The point being, I’m really not all that complex, in fact, I enjoy simplicity more than anything else.


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