Happy New Year, 2013!!!

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, which gives us all the opportunity to press the reset button and start afresh! This year, I aim to make everyday more FABULOUS than the previous, and to kickstart this rebirth, I tore down my blog a couple of days ago and will be relaunching… I was hoping to relaunch at January 1st, 2013 at 00:01, together with SAUCEink, unfortunately, this castle/mansion has WiFi issues and the network is congested.

I’m telling you, having spent the last day of the year 2012 at a castle/mansion, is awesome. I could have been at the Siloso Beach Party but… the company of my BFF Priss and the comfort of an enormous home theatre system, sound proof room, plus HUGE-ass TV, is just waaay better! (I’m still unwell, somewhat.) So yes, best end and start of the year, EVER! Peaceful bliss.

Last year, there were a couple of people that truly impacted my life. I’d like to take this opportunity, with the FIRST blog post of the year, to thank everyone of them for making 2012 so absolutely memorable!

I would love to name every single one of them, but that would defeat the purpose, somewhat. They should all know how important they are to me, I need not spell them out. (I’m about to contradict myself…)

To all my old and new made friends, I also thank you for being a part of my life. Despite some being not as nice to me as others, in my own little way, I treasure every experience, knowledge and lesson I’ve learned along the journey. As they say, it’s not the results but the process that matters – totally NOT in relevance to business, of course.

Okay, now for the name dropping. I would like to really thank a few mentors/partners for all they have taught me.

Top of the list is my bossie, Rich! Although he is very much a stranger to me from time to time, but I truly appreciate the opportunity he has given me. (He can be quite weird sometimes…)

My coach, Joey. For helping me build up my self confidence and fitness level. I’ve disappointed him once and I will not make the same mistake twice.

My gym buddy, Geping. Despite his fame, he has never treated any of us as someone lesser. He is by the most sincere, down to earth, kind, individual I’ve met. My admiration for him is beyond your possible believe.

My PSY-papa, Eddie! Thing is, I never really had a dad before, mine is pretty much a complete stranger to me. From time to time my real dad appears, and then he disappears again. PSY-papa on the other hand, throughout this period that I’ve known him, has always been there, supportively. He gave me Ted, my most liked teddybear now. Some people listen and leave it as that, he actually remembered my passing comment during one of the many Zouk parties. If my dad was anything like him… ah well. Blood is not always thicker than water.

My long-time partner, Aylwin. Despite my numerous tantrums these couple of years, he tolerated and still continued supporting me. Whoever said different genders cannot just maintain a platonic relationship, eh?

To Aaron and Gavin, although this year, we’re less close, you guys will always be my bros!

There’s also bestie, but to avoid complication, I shall not name him. Bear in mind, no matter what happens, we’ll always be friends. And the mechanics of friendship is, regardless time or distance, it does not fade away completely.

To the rest, I did not name, well, I still love you guys, I’m just getting lazy to type. (The word love need not always be in a romantic context, in case you’re confused.)

So the above are the big shot guys I treasure, admire and respect. As for the girls… you girls got my text already. Despite conflicts, arguments and what-not, I love you all dearly and hold you close to my heart!

Last but not least, to all the folks that are following me on Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram, I thank you all for your continuous support. Appreciate every like and comment, even those that constantly ask for shoutouts. Do continue supporting me and I promise, I will try my best to reply every single comment.

This is a brand new blog, and I’m running through all six over years of entries, migrating only that of which worthy to be publicly viewable. I do apologise to all the unpublished unanswered comments for the past couple of months. Truth be told, the main reason why I have not been β€œsocial” is because… my system is ridiculously unfriendly, which is also why, I decided to make this change. (Also because, I crashed my Drupal system haha, somewhat.)

Again, I thank you all for finding the time and visiting/reading this entry of mine. Love you all, and thank you for making 2012 amazing. Let’s make 2013 even better!

P.S. This is not a resolution but a thank you and appreciation, open letter.

P.P.S. This is written shortly after countdown. Hurhur.

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