The unseen battle: Imposter syndrome

Ever felt like you’re faking it, waiting for the moment you’re called out for not being good enough? Yeah, me too. So much so that I doodled my thoughts into a comic strip. It’s all about this sneaky little monster called imposter syndrome. You know, that voice inside your head that loves to party at your expense, whispering, “Who do you think you’re kidding?” It’s like having an uninvited guest who critiques every move you make.

Now, why am I, and possibly you, tangled up in this mess? Let’s spill some tea on this. Brace yourself because it’s pretty wild. Around 7 in 10 folks will feel this imposter guest crash their brain party at some point. That’s right, a whopping 70 percent of us are in this together, feeling like we’re wearing a mask of competence that could slip off any moment.

What’s up with that? Why are so many of us doubting our awesomeness? Let’s dive deeper and find out, shall we?

As I’ve been navigating the twists and turns of coaching the bright minds at Royal Launch School, a pattern started to emerge, as clear as day. It wasn’t about not mastering the latest tech or marketing strategy that kept my students up at night. No, it was something more insidious, something that gnawed at their confidence – the gnarly beast of feeling “not good enough“. This revelation wasn’t just an “aha” moment but an “oh, no” moment for me.

Here’s the real tea: We’re all a work in progress, constantly buffing and polishing ourselves. But, and it’s a big but, that doesn’t mean we’re not smashing it right now. I often tell my students, “Striving to be better is fab, but don’t you dare forget to high-five yourself for how epic you are today.” Because, let’s face it, no two peas are alike; what’s “enough” for you might be someone else’s “better“, and that’s perfectly okay.

So, how do you spot this crafty imposter syndrome hiding in your mental closet? Let’s break it down:

  1. The perfectionist parade: You’re on a never-ending quest for perfection, feeling like what you do is never quite “enough“.
  2. The superhuman syndrome: Feeling like you must work harder and longer than everyone else to prove your worth.
  3. The genius myth: Believing you need to get everything right on the first try, and if you don’t, you must be a fraud.
  4. The soloist stance: You think asking for help reveals your phoniness. True story: It doesn’t.
  5. The expert trap: You’re constantly seeking out more certifications or training because you never feel like you know “enough“.

If you’re nodding along, feeling seen, it might just be that imposter syndrome is trying to gatecrash your success party. But here’s the kicker: recognising these signs is the first step to showing that uninvited guest the door.

Now that we’ve spotted the imposter syndrome lurking in the shadows, how do we kick it to the curb? Let’s lace up our boots and get ready to show it the exit. Here’s your ultimate guide to overcoming the imposter in you:

  1. Chat it out: Seriously, talk about it. You’ll be surprised how many people feel the same way. It’s like a group therapy session without the couch.
  2. Collect your wins: Keep a brag list. Yes, you heard me. Every time you do something awesome, jot it down. On those blah days, whip it out and remind yourself how incredible you are.
  3. Break up with perfection: Aim for progress, not perfection. Remember, even the iPhone has updates; being a work in progress is your strength.
  4. Ask for feedback: Not just from your mom. Reach out to mentors, colleagues, or friends who can give you constructive insights.
  5. Teach to learn: Sharing your knowledge with others helps them grow and reinforces your expertise and value.
  6. Embrace the ‘YET’: Can’t do something? Add a ‘yet’ to it. It’s not that you can’t do it; you just haven’t mastered it… yet.

Now, here’s the heart-to-heart moment. Believing in yourself is the secret sauce to any success recipe. And guess what? That’s precisely where Royal Launch School steps in, like a superhero in a cape, ready to supercharge your growth journey. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a dreamer looking to make your mark, or someone who’s just plain curious about unlocking your potential, we’ve got you covered.

Royal Launch School is your launchpad to dream big and live big. We’re talking about gaining the freedom to choose where you work, multiplying your wealth so you can enjoy the finer things in life, and finding happiness in your achievements. You’re learning and evolving with our tailored coaching, hands-on strategies, and a community with your back.

Here’s the deal: Royal Launch School is for the go-getters, the dreamers, and the doers who believe there’s more to life than just running the rat race. You get a golden ticket to learning from the best, strategies that catapult you forward, and a network of like-minded individuals who are all about that growth life.

So, if you’re ready to wave goodbye to the imposter syndrome and hello to a life of freedom, wealth, location, and happiness, Royal Launch School is where you need to be. Let’s accelerate your growth together because, let’s face it, you’re worth it. And deep down, you know it too.

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