What is W3bverse?

Here’s a secret 🀫 and I’m sharing just with you. As a seasoned entrepreneur, entering a new, unfamiliar space is uncomfortable; that’s what web3 is like for me.

Since 2018, I felt uncomfortable. Many probably don’t know this, but when People’s Inc. (PINC) was initially a web3 project, read the story here: https://vulcanpost.com/642342/pinc-singapore-ootd/.

Sadly, with the pandemic, we had to pivot, and People’s Inc. 360 (PINC 360) was born.

Years after, the birth of W3bverse came about. It was supposedly a space for people to connect, share ideas and create a project together.

The idea was simple. But great ideas usually come from everyday lives; that is what makes it resonate.

The problem we were trying to solve here is bridging that gap – connecting the people that know to the people that don’t.

Let me explain.

Inevitably, the world is changing around us, whether we like it or not. Technology has become an essential part of our daily life – be it ChatGPT, AI/ML or gadgets. And the shift in technology has been moving more rapidly than before.

The problem here is people learn at different speeds. While some are at gear one, others might be at five. But we all live on the same earth.

During a panel discussion back in September, I realised an intense fear and resistance – the fear of being replaced, the resistance to change.

This got me thinking a lot.

Since then, I’ve been talking to different people and getting different perspectives from them; I had my own. I’m actually uncertain now.

What I was sure of was that while some are diving head first, others are just staying put. Which is pretty much me and Wan Wei; I’m towards the latter.

You might be thinking, didn’t you just say that PINC was a web3 project? Well, I also said I was uncomfortable.

I might be wrong, but the spectrum between the know-how and the not-know is vast. Again, I classify myself as the latter.

Wan Wei has been educating me about web3 constantly, but I don’t feel like I truly get it. I can’t understand the tangible value or how this makes it easier for the everyday person. And to some extent, I don’t think it makes it easier for the everyday person.

Working with different kinds of customer profiles in PINC 360 for the last close to four years, I’ve been experiencing this every day. I’d have some savvy customers and get it – DIY, more affordable, short-term pain, long-term gain. And another bunch which needs to be handheld throughout the journey – don’t even talk about web3, just simply the value of having a web presence; they felt it was unnecessary.

The pandemic helped change that quite a bit. But it’s also then I saw how the ones that didn’t shift collapsed.

I often say that I don’t have much emotional attachment, but it still pained me to see all that value and effort go down the drain.

This goes back to the purpose of why, despite my difficulties in adapting to the new environment, I forcefully do it anyway. Because you can’t share something you haven’t felt and experienced.

The last four months of developing W3bverse were tremendously difficult for me mentally. Keeping that balance between tangible and intangible – something I really struggled with going through the Blockchain Founders Group incubation programme – and speaking to people who didn’t speak my language. Many times, I just feel frustrated trying to understand what Wan Wei was trying to tell me, and vice versa.

It was during the festive that it suddenly hit me; that was the purpose. The four months of building W3bverse and the two years of developing PINC, the difficulties I was facing were the purpose and problem we were trying to solve, and ultimately, W3bverse was the solution developed.

It’s not about titles like CEO or COO or how grand and glorified the new era brings. It’s about taking the small, guided steps, understanding it, and embracing the change. It’s the in-between that bridges and connects the know-how folks with the not-know – through The Nexus.

Let’s not run before we learn to crawl, but eventually, you’ll get there; you have to. And W3bverse is there to guide you through this somewhat scary journey to achieve freedom of time, wealth and location technology – through the W3b Launch School and our resource hub.

(And to cherry on top, some micro and bonus programmes to let you make a quick buck.)

In the new year 2024, we want to be there for you, to share and guide you through this shift. With Wan Wei’s know-how in the web3 space and my business growth framework (and layperson not-know of web3, you’re learning as I’m learning).

W3bverse: A gamified guided solution that empowers businesses, founders and freelancers to achieve freedom of time, wealth and location with technology.

Join us in pioneering the next era of the creator economy – elevating web3 leaders of the future. πŸš€

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