Branding and marketing: The secret to “all things pink”

Think pink’s my fave? Think again. It was a dare that sparked my signature style. Learn how to make your quirks a brand hit. Join me at Royal Launch School.

I’m going to share a secret with you, or rather, I’m going to share a secret about “pink”.

Close friends probably know this, but “pink” isn’t my favourite colour (those that don’t probably aren’t that close or simply don’t care); in fact, I don’t often wear anything pink unless I’m attending a media-related activity.

“All things pink” started as a joke. So, let’s take a time machine back to when it all started.

Once upon a time, there lived a geeky girl called Sabrina. She hated everything girly and loved tech, gadgets, anime and games. In fact, during a family trip, god knows how long ago that was, she was even mistaken for a boy.

As she grew up, with the influence of peer pressure, she started wearing dresses, but she was colourless, either black, grey or brown. As neutral as it got. (Come to think of it, it’s pretty much my current wardrobe.)

One day, due to a dare, she was forced to do a makeover and, yes, you guessed it, to wear pink, and she started standing out.

In a sea of people of the same style, when you do something completely different, you stand out. The logic is pretty straightforward if you think about it. Branding and marketing are all about standing out from the crowd, doing something different and being remembered. If it works, don’t go against the wave; ride it.

And that’s how “all things pink” came about. It’s not rocket science here, so try it out. Try something different, or ask around to see what people remember you for. It doesn’t matter what it is, but what’s important is being remembered.

Now, looking at this on a bigger scale, amplify that unique identity you have and use that to your advantage. It starts with being remembered and working your narrative for your business, brand, product or service around it.
That’s the quick tip for today. Questions? Drop me a note; I’d love to connect.

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