Oxford’s hidden gem to global gourmet delight: Sweet saga of Ben’s Cookies

Discover the tantalising journey of Ben’s Cookies – from a modest Oxford bakehouse to a global sensation, all while retaining its royal charm and quality.

Every cookie has a tale, and Ben’s Cookies owns the fairytale chronicles!

Ben’s Cookies reign supreme in the confectionery world – a blend of heritage, artistry, and sheer indulgence. Born amidst the antique ambience of Oxford’s Covered Market in 1983, it casts its magic even today, wafting the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked cookies.

Helge Rubenstein, a passionate cookery writer, crafted these divine treats and etched a legacy. Naming the venture after her son, Ben, she added a regality by roping in the renowned Sir Quentin Blake for the illustrative logo. Oh, the sheer luxury of it!

Ben’s Cookies aren’t just desserts; they’re gourmet narratives

Each cookie from Ben’s is a whisper of a tale, a secret from a land far, far away – or, at least, from their kitchen outside Oxford. Baked to perfection, these treats promise a gooey heart wrapped in a crunchy embrace. And guess what? The adventure isn’t restricted to the English shores. Places as diverse as Japan and Korea now flaunt the Ben’s Cookies banner with Γ©lan.

You see, there’s an art to crafting these little wonders. Only the finest ingredients – chocolate chunks (never mere chips!), unsalted butter, wheat flour, cane sugar, and fresh eggs – unite in a sacred ritual. The result? A symphony of flavours, baked fresh daily to ensnare your senses.

Embark on a flavour odyssey

For those of us with a penchant for luxury, here’s the thing: we’re spoilt for choice! From the classic Dark Chocolate Chunk that would be the envy at a Venetian ball to the Milk Chocolate and Praline – the deep-thinking poet who makes your heart race, each flavour is a character, a story, a world unto itself.

White Chocolate and Cranberry take you skiing through the Alps, while the Milk Chocolate and Orange serenade you with a Spanish guitar. And then there’s Matcha and White Chocolate, the yoga queen, who’ll have you wrapped up in a calming embrace, making the other cookies go green (literally!) with envy.

From humble beginnings to an unforgettable legacy

Where did this enchantment begin? A chocolate-loving Helge Rubenstein started in 1983, unveiling cookies too sumptuous to be kept a secret. The result? Ben’s Cookies saw the light of day in 1984. The first shop in Oxford’s Covered Market became the harbinger of a cookie revolution. With chocolate chunks “not chips,” the essence was – and remains – baking the best daily.

A royal invitation

Now, here’s the golden key. While these edible masterpieces are scattered globally, for those in Singapore, the treasure is hidden in plain sight at 435 Orchard Rd #B1-50 Wisma Atria for those in Singapore. With an exclusive duo of Wisma flavours, this is where you’ll find your personal piece of the cookie kingdom.

Ending notes

So, there you have it, a brush with royalty, artistry, and gourmet wizardry – all in the realm of cookies. As you indulge in these creations from Ben’s Cookies, remember every bite is a chapter, every flavour a new journey. Time to find your perfect cookie match and let the tales unfold.

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