My royal journey – entrepreneurial odyssey

Join me on a spellbinding sojourn from a content creator to a revered entrepreneur. Discover the royal route I’ve travelled and the lessons learned.

The blue-ticked beginnings

First, a tiny win (that feels massive to me!): My Instagram account just got the blue tick. Verified! It’s a nod to the little victories that lead to grand castles.

Securing the Instagram blue tick is a sweet victory, a digital pat on the back. But it isn’t just about the badge. It symbolises my journey – a blend of dedication, passion, and endless nights. Each little achievement, like this blue tick, paints a small portion of the vast canvas of my entrepreneurial journey.

A creator’s canvas

From my early days blogging in the era of Angelfire and Lycos to diving deep into journalism and establishing a formidable presence on social platforms, I’ve always been a storyteller. Whether it’s narrating tales of pink fantasies, sharing my favourite anime, or exploring the latest in tech and fashion, I’ve embraced every shade of my identity – be it the geeky otaku, the driven entrepreneur, or the pink-loving Princessa.

The royal business odyssey

My entrepreneurial story doesn’t just revolve around creating content. It extends to rejuvenating family ventures like Royal Privileged, navigating the maze of media-tech with SAUCEink, and spearheading People’s Inc. into a major player in the SaaS realm. Every venture has been a chapter, a lesson, a story worth telling. And with each step, I’ve ensured that the businesses I touch don’t just grow in revenue but in value, vision, and impact.

Journeying through highs and lows

Life’s trajectory is never a straight line. There have been dips, challenges, and moments of introspection. From overcoming childhood bullying to facing the intricacies of the business world, from learning the lesson of trust in my early apparel venture to scaling heights with ventures like People’s Inc. 360 and PRINCESSA by Sabrina Wang. The journey is enriched with friendships, collaborations, hurdles, and invaluable lessons.

Wellness wake-up call

The stark reality of facing a severe blood poisoning condition wasn’t just a health scare. It was a poignant reminder of life’s fragility. This personal ordeal pivoted my perspective, leading to the birth of the wellness segment under PRINCESSA by Sabrina Wang. My mission? To provide modern women with the means to embrace a healthier, more radiant life. From gummies that fortify beauty, immunity, and detoxification to future endeavours in jewellery and home living, the pursuit of holistic wellness remains paramount.

From personal lessons to public learning

The wisdom I’ve garnered over the years, the insights from scaling ventures, and the nuances of brand building all converge at PRINCESSA Academy. Here, the ethos is clear: knowledge is meant to be shared. By providing actionable insights, the Academy isn’t just a repository of my learnings but a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs to navigate their paths.

Why join the Royal Schools?

Considering stepping into the entrepreneurial realm? Join the Royal Launch School. For those looking to shine in the world of content creation, the Royal Creators School awaits.

Entrepreneurial aspirations are as diverse as the individuals who hold them. The Royal Schools offer a tailored curriculum, whether it’s the allure of starting a fresh venture or the creative pull of content creation. My journey, dotted with awards, recognitions, and landmark ventures, serves as a testament to what’s achievable. It’s more than just education; it’s about crafting success stories.

An invitation to The Castle

The Castle isn’t just a digital platform. It’s an ensemble of my life’s work, experiences, and dreams. By delving into The Castle, you’re unlocking a treasure trove of exclusive content, opportunities, and insights. Each segment and content is meticulously crafted to inspire, inform, and invigorate your entrepreneurial spirit.

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