Healthy soils for healthy people and the planet

It’s a new age, and we believe it all starts with nutrient-dense foods and plants. Soil Balance, a probiotic for your plants, is now available! Increases nutrient density, aroma, flavour, and colour.

Up to 10 gallons of probiotic tea can be made from one gram of Soil Balance powder. For just USD 4.95, you can watch it in action. Check it out here.

Soil Balance is a highly concentrated “bean probiotic” that serves as a digestive system to boost trace nutrient absorption throughout the board (zinc, iron, manganese, etc.). All plants require trace nutrients to improve their flavour, aroma, and colour producing compounds. Microbes in Soil Balance also help control over or under watering and fertilization, making it easier to grow plants! OMRI has approved this product for use in USDA-certified organic food production. It’s a new epoch. It all starts, we believe, with nutrient-dense food.

A portion of our profits supports community food gardens, school garden programs, and regenerative agriculture.


SEPIXA is a family-owned business promoting sustainable, regenerative, and organic agriculture projects for the past 20 years. We believe that now is the time to cultivate a more profound sense of gratitude and compassion for nature.

The refining and production of Soil Balance have been our life’s work. It was created as a regenerative agriculture tool to increase nutrient-dense organic food availability and improve soil health.

Although Soil Balance contains one of the highest concentrations of plant probiotics on the market, it’s important to remember that diversity is key to overall soil health. As a result, we encourage you to experiment with as many different “biostimulants” as possible.

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