Staying positive at home in the time of COVID-19

These are unnerving times.

Not knowing what could happen in the future may cause our anxiety levels to go berserk.

Before all the worries get the best of us, it’s time to take a pause, breathe in and out, and put things in perspective. Us still being here, safe and in one piece, is a huge blessing. Let’s celebrate life by living it with a positive spirit while we stay at home.

Here are some ways to help us do just that!

Yoga. This meditative exercise eases the stress away and calms the mind. By devoting time to yoga every day, we can achieve wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Learn something new. There are a plethora of webinars and online courses out there that we can check out. Learn to play a musical instrument. Take better photos. Attend a webinar on the current market outlook. Whatever it is, now’s the perfect time to expand our horizons.

Take a relaxing bath. All the news of doom and gloom will understandably fill us with fear and concern. Have a long, soothing bath. It will definitely take our mind off things for a moment. We need that refreshing break from time to time.

Repair something at home. Because of how huge the concern about the pandemic is, we might feel small and useless. Let’s change it up by looking at what we can do at home. Is the light broken? Time to change it. Is there a chip on the table? Cover it up with paint in an artsy way. Does our room need a good cleaning? Get on it! Celebrate the small victories. We don’t need to carry the weight of the world.

Organise. Time to declutter! If we’ve got so much stuff, we can put them in a pile that we can give away once the quarantine season is over. Let’s be motivated enough to confront our messy drawers. The feeling of satisfying accomplishment once we organise our things after years of disregard is definitely worth the effort.

Put music and dance. Let us live it up! We need to let loose. So get your playlist ready, crank the volume up, and dance the night away!

Staying positive at home in the time of COVID-19 sure is challenging but it isn’t impossible. Stay home with me at You are not alone.

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