Keep your heart in your bag

Like the seasons, I am beginning to realize that my shopping desires change with it. Though where I am residing is hot all year round, yes, I live just a stone’s throw away from the equator, my beating heart for fashion changes… every few weeks.

I think that is why Shopbop always appeals to me. There is all these new stuff stocked every day!

I have been on a hunt for a cute, extraordinary, but somewhat functional bag these past few weeks. It’s like, I don’t really know what I want, but I know I will know when I see it. The thing is, I didn’t realise what I wanted to be five new bags.

Elleme Baguette Bag

This bag brings me back to the flower power era. Though it is not adorned with florals, the pastel yellow just brings back the vibes. I love the colour and the curvature of this bag. Just the bag I need to head out for a fun night with my friends, it is functional, easy to open and just tres chic!

Mansur Gavriel Mini Lady Bag

I know it is 2020, but I still can’t get over sling bags – not yet. I just like to know that my belongings are safe with me while having my hands free. This drawstring leather sling in luxurious blush is gorgeous. Functional, not too big, and fits my card and receipt stuff waller, what more can I ask for?

BY FAR Miranda Bag

Remember when Paris Hilton was the most talked about celebrity on the media? She would wear a micro-mini skirt, a tank top and a bag like this. This bag is nostalgic but it carries a modern flair. Croc-embossed skin in lilac, this arm candy is cute and functional. Plus, a bag like this keeps me from hoarding rubbish.

FRAME Les Second Medium Tote Bag

OMG, when I saw this bag, my heart jumped out of my chest and snuck into this monochrome beauty. I love me a good colour block, and this especially because it is spliced by a slope. Plus, the straps are adjustable, a pretty cool feature on a tote, in my opinion.

The Marc Jacobs Trompe L’oeil Tag 27 Tote Bag

Want to reduce the use of plastic but still remain fashionable? This Marc Jacobs bag will do the trick. I love how funky it is. Unlike other canvas bags I have seen, this bag is fitted with a sturdy base so it won’t flop when the bag is empty.

Are you a bag person? Or does it change according to the season, like me? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to shop my favourite things on ShopbopΒ for yourself. You’re welcome!

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