Every year, I have a new set of resolutions. It is a mix of what I did not achieve this year, those that are partially achieved, and new ones that I want to develop within myself for the next year. It is a scary process, but quite exhilarating too.

Every year, there are some staples on my list. One of them is to put in the effort when it comes to dressing up. It might be true for some of you. That is why I have pulled together pieces from my collection, PRINCESSA by Sabrina Wang and slashing the prices from 15 percent to 70 percent off!


But first, check out these gorgeous pieces that are on sale!

Adalia Cutout Mini Floral Print Mesh Dress

Spring into the New Year in this gorgeous floral dress. The cutouts are flattering for any body shape, giving the illusion of cleavage but still very modest. Wear it to work, to a party or your first date – this dress is perfect!

Carlotta Off White Lace Backless Guava Mini Dress

Think Tinkerbell from Peter Pan – cute, pretty and darn sassy. This dress is inspired by her. The exquisite lace trimmings adorn the thigh and the thin band that hugs the waist will give any figure an hourglass silhouette. I absolutely love the criss-cross tie at the back of the dress as well.

Elizabeth Off-Shoulder Navy Dress

This trend has been going on for a few years now, the cold shoulder dress – and it is not dying off any time soon. This dress is flattering on any figure and guess what? It is great to hide the food baby. Yes, wear this for buffets and special dinners.

Courtney Red and Black Floral Printed Midi Dress with Plunging Neckline

What makes a good print? I think this dress has got a good print going on. A mix of geometry and floral that comes together with a splash of contrasting colours. I know, so artistic right? This midi dress is perfect to be worn for events as it does not show off too much leg but still, it is sexy.

Helina Snake Printed Cross Dress

It was all over the runways during the Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Week – animal prints! In light of this, you should also get this lightweight, carefree snake printed dress that is super comfortable and flattering at the same time!

You can start shopping at!

Another one of my resolutions every year is to be healthy. I firmly believe that health is much more important than wealth and it is better to care for myself now than running to the doctor, sick. This past year, I was introduced to Mosanco Tea, a functional tea that claims to reduce the absorption of sugar into the body.

Curious, I tried it and OMG, I felt the difference! I didn’t get that energy slump after lunch and I did not feel bloated after eating too much either.

Mosanco Tea is a unique tea blend that is manufactured in Singapore using state-of-the-art technology, making it a natural and effective way to manage lifestyle issues that stem from overindulgence.

Another thing that instantly comes to mind when talking about health is exercise. But did you know that whilst exercise is good for the heart, free radicals are released when doing so? This is where Mosanco Recovery comes in. It neutralises free radicals created from exercise, reduces muscle cell damage and boosts the renewal of muscle cells.

I mean, I like to have my health covered. I suppose you do too.

Check out the Mosanco products available at

No kidding!

Mark your calendars and see you on January 1 to 3, 2020!

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