The kooky odd-bags

“I get bored of carrying the same bag often. So, I end up buying more.”
Anita Hassanandani Reddy

If you share the same sentiments, this post is for you.

We are unveiling bags that will have people taking a second look because they are a little quirky but totally cool. After all, life is too short for boring black bags – if you own a few boring black bags, this post is ALSO for you – because we are here to spark your life up just a little.

With a little help from Shopbop.

Let’s reveal the preciousness, Bagginses

Kate Spade New York Rio Parrot Crossbody Bag

You know those pirates with a parrot on your shoulder – you can have one too… in the form of a shoulder bag. We think this is a special way to spice up your outfit. It is personality summed up in a functional accessory. It is one way to keep your casual outfits not so casual. Plus, if you are attending a party where you know no one. (well, not so many people at least), your bag can be a conversation starter as it will make you seem more approachable.

M2MALLETIER Mini Amor Fati Bag

Don’t you think the shape is quite immaculate? Coupled with the texture and colour, we can’t get our hands off it!
It’s raising the bar on mini bags with the simplistic gold handlebar that hovers at the top of the bag, we think that this style is here to stay. In the meantime, you should get your hands on it, because you are a trendsetter after all.

Loeffler Randall Maria Beaded Heart Tote

Diamonds have been marketed as a symbol of love – now you can shine bright like a diamond in this heart-shaped tote that we are totally in love with. Interwoven with metallic beads, you’ll be catching hearts wherever you go!

Cult Gaia Astraea Tote

Aesthetically pleasing, this asymmetrical tote is what we are lusting after. A new twist to the previously popular bucket bag, this thread through the top is the design we didn’t know we need. No zips, no tugs and perfectly sealed, it’s a wonder why more bags are not designed this way. Available in spice and black, you can also get the mini version in sky blue.

Ulla Johnson Behati Origami Bag

Perfect for boho chicks get great for everyone else. We can’t put a shape on it, although we do know that it is made from square cutouts. Practical with a raw edge, you’ll need this if you are one that carries loads of stuff in your bag.

Don’t hesitate, just bag the items in your shopping cart and check out! After all, we always need a statement piece for each outfit.

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