Your favourite makeup just broke? Learn how to fix it!

Ever felt the frustration of your favourite lipstick breaking, your blush falling of your purse, or your mascara getting dry? These happen at the worst possible moment, but that doesn’t mean it’s all lost: here’s how to leave them off as good as new after luck gives you a bad hand.

Powdered makeup

The smallest of falls is often enough to turn your favourite eyeshadow into tiny pieces, but despite how bad things look, it’s very easy to fix. You start by picking up all you can, smash it with a spoon or knife and then add some drops of alcohol. As you do this, try to keep the surface “uniform”, that way it’ll recover its natural shape, and you’ll have an easier time drying it up with some cotton (to dry off the excess alcohol). Let it sit dry for a day, and you’ll have recovered your precious makeup.

Interestingly, you can take another route and turn it into a cream makeup: instead of alcohol, keep crushing the dust until it’s very fine, add vaseline and put in on the fridge, then let that sit for a day, and you’ll have brand new cream makeup!


When lipstick is exposed to heat, it softens and eventually splits. If your favourite lipstick got too hot, you could leave it as good as new with this trick: put both parts into the fridge for twenty minutes. After that pull them out the fridge and heat the head of the base, enough so you can meld them together. Be careful in this step so the Lipstick can retract without problems; once you are done, put it back into the fridge for eight to ten hours. Another helpful option is to look for a recipient, take out all the rest of the lipstick with a toothpick and melt it in the recipient with a hairdryer.

Eyelash mascara

You can save a dry mascara with a very simple trick: place it in a glass with warm water for just a couple minutes and optionally, add in some drops of oil (olive or almond work well) and shake it for a few seconds. Soon enough, it will regain its texture.

Eye pencil

When your eye pencil doesn’t feel as “pigmented” as you want, heating the tip of the pencil with a hairdryer usually does the trick. As you heat it, keep touching the tip until it feels like it used to be, and watch out for not getting it too hot!


Sometimes you need a quick fix not because the makeup broke, but because it just didn’t turn out as you expected out of the box. This is pretty common with foundations, as what seemed like a good fit on the store sometimes just doesn’t click in front of your bath mirror. However, now we know it’s better to err on the darker side since a bit of moisturiser works wonders to clarify a foundation’s colour without losing its composition.

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