Mr & Mrs Smith + Frescobol Carioca’s Swimwear Collection

Mr & Mrs Smith, the renowned travel club for hotel lovers, is launching its first swimwear collection with equally famous brand Frescobol Carioca, in a limited selection that’ll become available as soon as March 1st.

We are looking forward to this team-up because, in its 10-plus years in the swimwear space, Frescobol Carioca has collaborated with other companies to bring us incredible designs and collections.

This time, they took inspiration from the golden age of Brazilian beach life, with the colours of Copacabana, Rio’s nightlife, and its sidewalk mosaics.

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This collab between Frescobol Carioca and Mr & Mrs Smith will include the basics of any beach day with two pairs of chevron printed swim trunks, a pair of wooden bats and a linen beach towel. The designs are based on Smith’s trademark red and navy blue, following its classic coastal look.

This collection also marks the start of Mr & Mrs Smith 15th anniversary celebrations. James Lohan, co-founder, expressed this swimwear collection is a perfect way to mark its birthday year with a physical product.

Mr & Mrs Smith has more than 1000 boutiques and luxury hotels, carefully selected and anonymously reviewed. Their catalogue includes luxury villages and unique experiences, and we expect this collection to be of the same quality.

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Harry Brantly, another co-founder, says: “These exclusive pieces have been designed with the sophisticated traveller in mind, and to celebrate our common values of quality, luxury, and attention to detail.”

Frescobol Carioca luxury lifestyle collections are available in more than 250 boutiques all around the world, three of them in the most exclusive districts of London, which are SoHo, Notting Hill and Marylebone.

For Mr & Mrs Smith, this will be their first foray into swimwear, and they are not skimping on details. We, however, trust on the brand’s skill in all the aspects that it proposes, and are looking forward to their future works in swimwear.

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