Live out your fantasies at Singapore’s Secret Theatre

Theatre lovers rejoice! Singapore will soon become the sight of a marvellous, astounding and jaw-dropping event that will put your hearts and your acting skills to the test. Secret Theatre finally descends on the city-state after going through other famous cities like London, New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

This May, Singapore citizens will have a chance to participate in the most immersive and adventurous theatre experience that’s been shaking the world. Secret Studio Lab offers theatregoers an opportunity not just to watch a great play, but also participate directly in it, dropping them right into the action and letting them experience the story from a place better than the first row.

Secret Theatre was initially founded and curated by the artistic mind of Director Richard Crawford, who set out to create an experience different from any other, with no boundaries and where the spectator could actively influence the stage itself without fear. This feeling spreads out to the location for the plays as well, with the cities themselves becoming the stage for spectators to participate in.

Of course, the best show can only be given when there are emotion and uncertainty behind it. It’s because of this that ticket-buyers will have to go in blind, with the location and details of the theatre remaining secret until the day itself where the participants will receive the site as well as rules on what to wear and a password to identify themselves with.

Those wondering what type of show they’ll be in for and whether or not they’ll know how to act shouldn’t have to worry; the chances are that it’ll be a story they’ve already seen before! Secret Theatre’s previous outings have all revolved around famous and iconic movies that everyone loved.

Whether it’d be the traitorous friendships in Reservoir Dogs in Hong Kong, the thrilling boundary-pushing suspense of SE7EN on a speedboat or the heartwarming tale of acceptance that is Edward Scissorhands performed in London; you can feel reassured that it’ll be a story you’ve always wanted to be a part of.

We’re not allowed to disclose where the event will take place, you’ll be finding that out on your own, but those looking to live out a day of wonder can go to the show opening starting on May 3rd and going all the way to June 10th. It’ll be open from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM on weekdays and from 4:45 PM to 6:45 PM and 7:30 PM to 9:45 PM on weekends, so make sure to bring the family if you can.

Super early birds can still get their tickets at discount for SGD99, and the price will slowly creep to SGD120 and finally SGD150 near the event.

So, do you have a theatre kid in you that’s waiting to come out or want to have a different kind of day where you can be the star in one of your favourite stories? If so, get your tickets and give it a shot, events like these are always an excellent way to play out our fantasies and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

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