Here are 4 fashion trends to watch this year

We’re finally almost through the winter months! Before long, the sun will be back out in force to usher in the spring, and then it’s just a short hop to summer, which is the real highlight of the year for fashionistas. So, what can we expect to see emerge in that time? Predicting fashion is fun, but it is also difficult. Often, what seems like a sure thing turns out to be an illusion, and sometimes the most explosive trends seem to materialise out of nowhere.

Here we have gathered together some of the trends in the fashion world, which have had a promising start to 2018. If we had to put money on it, these are the styles that we would expect to be the most dominant over the next twelve months.

More Personalisation

Personalisation is the next big thing. You might have heard of it, but what does it actually mean? Quite simply, it refers to our ever-increasing ability to customise and personalise the products and services that we buy so that they are tailored to our individual wants and needs. This trend is emerging in the fashion world and is beginning to be reflected in the number of fashion apps, some of which are designed to look at your clothing preferences and recommend new stuff to you.

The trend towards personalisation is by no means unique to fashion, but this is one area that it seems especially well suited to. Personalisation appeals to many people in a world which places increasing emphasis on individuality.

Form and Function

Maybe it’s the increasing awareness of climate change and the extreme weather events that brings, or perhaps it is a reflection of our refined capabilities to produce materials that possess many desirable properties simultaneously. In any case, even the most fashion conscious of us are increasingly looking for clothing which offers us utility as well as style. Places like offer durable and resilient outdoors clothes, which still look great.


Patterns have strangely alluring qualities for many people. Different pattern varieties are rooted in different cultural and historical contexts, making them a really powerful way of expressing an idea through fashion. Whether it’s the bright, colourful, and vibrant geometric patterns that adorn psychedelic outfits or the more subtle and nuanced use of shapes printed on a dress, patterns can be as obvious or as subtle as the designer chooses; new textile materials and printing methods only give designers more options to play with.

Mixed Materials

Manufacturing methods have changed considerably over the last few decades. 3D printing looks set to take the world by storm and has already shown that we are making good progress in removing the barriers that prevent us from doing what we like with any given material. Mixing and matching different materials to obtain new combinations of colour and texture has been popular throughout 2017 – and looks set to continue.

These are the fashion trends that you need to keep the closest eye on. It’s impossible to say what other surprises await us, but we can’t wait to find out!

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