Teana: Meet your friends, snooze your phone

Teana is a brand new app that is set to become a favorite with party hosts and party-goers, professionals, organizations and young city folk in general. It allows you to keep track of public and private events in your area and within your circle of friends, create and promote your own events and send QR codes to attendees for special surprises and VIP passes. Teana provides you with reminders and event details such as maps and directions and allows you to get into events with just your phone.

This app was created to be used to create events for friends but can be expanded for other purposes like for shops or small organizations. Also, the main mentality is ‘meet your friends, snooze your phone’, to give back the real meaning of meeting real peoples and stop, for a while, using the phones and enjoy real life!

There are some key features, like the QR Code, that can be used to identify some ‘special’ guests. Real life example: I have a small barber shop and I have 450 friends, I make a new event for the 28 January that, from 10 am until 1 pm everyone has a 5% discount. Then I send to 10 persons a QR Code that, when they come and I scan the code, if it is valid, I’ll be able to give them a 15% discount.

All the events can be made ‘Only for friends’, meaning that nobody else that is not in my friends’ list can find that event in the search, in the main view or be going to the list of events in my user profile.

Some events can be made also ‘admissions only’, where friends need to send a request to be part of the event.

Case Study:

I attend an event, I have 1 hour prior a push notification as an alert to remind me the upcoming event. We added a passcode and a ‘destructive mode’, where, if failing to insert 10 times the pin code, the app will enter in a lock mode and delete automatically the account of the user.

This in case I make some events ‘for couple exchange’ or other naughty events and I don’t want anybody else to find out if they have my phone. Also, soon we delete the account, we delete all the events, friendship list, images etc.. everything! We do not keep a single byte of data created with that account. Not even for marketing purpose.

Check out our mobile app today at www.teana.events

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