Here are 3 real cute gift ideas for babies and pets

What could be a more adorable combination than pets and babies together in a single moment? To be honest, picturing that cute puppy rolling about with a baby giggling and tumbling about… Awww… Just typing it out makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Well, here are a couple of gift ideas for pets & babies that caught my eye which I would like to share with you guys!

1.Β This really adorable grey elephant plushie!

Omg. This is so cute. I can’t stop the smile growing at the corner of my lips. Argh. I know this may not be a real animal, but isn’t it the most adorable combination? I just feel like hugging this cute elephant just so I will have a good sleep and a beautiful dream haha.. This is a must get!

2. Really fabulous cat-like night light!

We all know the usual nightlight that everyone is familiar with. The warm, orange, small spotlight that provides a sliver of light for babies to drift off to sleep easier. But what if we add some spice into the entire nightlight concept, and provide a really, preeeetty cat light! just like in the picture, your babies might feel more comfortable knowing a pet is watching after them to sleep. Who knows, they might grow up with really good artistic talents haha! Something to get for your kids if you like cats!

3. The Awwww.. You let the cat out of the bag!

Meow! This is simply purr-fect! Get your cats comfortable in these bags and carry them around for trips! (Okay, maybe not lol) But don’t you find it so ironically cute? The cat is now “eaten” by the mouse haha. Even though these sleeping bags were designed for cats, but I’m pretty sure they will fit like puppies, rabbits and guinea pigs within them too! Now if only there was a bigger version of this so that I can camp inside forever! #FirstWorldDreams

These are just the tip of the iceberg! I got these ideas from the following website:

BabyandPetCentre – Really Cute Stuff For Kids & Pets!

Do check them out and have a great week ahead!

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