Mike Boles, 52, is a much-celebrated hospitality concept designer/builder. His concepts include five profoundly unique concepts, each with a never-before-seen type of energy, with special features such as award-winning lighting or impressive state-of-the-art media features.

Now, this talented and creative designer’s latest passion is high-end custom modern furniture. Centered around natural edge wood with gorgeous characteristics with a touch of technology, it’s no wonder Ocean Drive Magazine asked him for his thoughts while celebrating his work in December, 2016. Let’s begin!

(Questions were emailed.)

Q1: Currently, what is your favorite thing to build?

A1: I love to design and build unique natural wood furniture with hidden lighting effects.

Q2: What would you like to start exploring building/selling (new) in 2018?

A2: About 15 years ago, I built a really cool stainless & bamboo outdoor bar with a built in ice-well and front rail for the bottles. To this day – everyone asks about it. And of course, if I designed those, you know there would be lighting!

Q3: That sounds like what every party needs! If you could design/build anything at all, what would it be?

A3: The ultimate design frontier for me personally, is space. So I’d say working with a team to design a interstellar spaceship would be incredible.

Q4: Ocean Drive Magazine named your natural edge floating tables one of the biggest interior design trends of 2017. How about 2018?

A4: Floating live edge tables… that illuminate with advanced color options!

Q5: Whoa! I want pink! 🙂 What are your other fav things to design from natural edge wood?

A5: Floating wood shelves and wood kitchen counter tops.

Q6: You’ve been designing for years and building for a few years as well, but you just recently in November 2017 opened your new online store as well as your shop!

A6: Yes! After so many years of fulfilling custom requests, I have decided to open that avenue up full-time, to anyone who is looking for someone to design and fabricate just about anything they can think up. I specialize in custom natural edge tables, live edge wood tables, custom modern lighting and all other custom modern furniture.

My pieces can be found on my website – (Natural Edge Table Company) or on my Etsy page – (Natural Edge Table Co).

Q7: One last thing: What’s the best part of being a furniture designer?

A7: Freedom to create whatever my mind can come up with.


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