Here are the 7 most expensive vintage vinyl records of all times

Everything in this world is part of a cycle; a cycle of highs and lows. If a thing is really successful today then at some point in the future, it will not hold the same value. This is seen in the collector business, when you are collecting a certain entity, be it stamps, coins, books or even vinyl records!

Downloading music in portable music players might be the existing practice, but collecting vinyl is the new buzzword. It all waters down to the selection of the right vinyl record that reaps the necessary profit. Simple things like anomalies, misprints, limited editions and celebrity ownership are some broad things that you should keep in mind when checking them out.

Let’s take a walk in our vinyl market to show which ones you should watch out for!

1. The Beatles – White Album (1968)

When it came to making record shattering music records, The Beatles were always the forerunners. Titled ‘White’, this album is one of the most expensive and sought-after vinyl records in history. Their extremely high value comes from their style of packaging. Each label was given a special serial number when it was first released. The crown jewel is the record with the serial number 0000001. This album was recently sold for around $700,000- $800,000 by Ringo Starr, making it the most ever paid commercial album.

2. The Quarrymen – That’ll be the day/In spite of all the danger (1958 acetate)

This sits on a bulky valuation $250,000 making it a delight for collectors. This song written by one of the best song writers (McCartney and Harrison) and is currently a part of Paul McCartney’s private collection. The Quarrymen later became The Beatles and this makes this vinyl even more special. Exactly 50 copies of the song were made and later distributed among friends. But even the copies are worth over $10,000.

3. Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen (1977 acetate)

They had a short tenure at the A&M records label but they still produced some awesome music when they were there. After they were kicked off the label, they had already managed to make a limited 25000 records, most of which were destroyed later. But the ones that remained (only 9 copies have surfaced) have been sold for quite a hefty sum.

4. Sex Pistols – Anarchy in UK/No fun (1977 acetate)

This brilliant red label record was one of the most exciting pieces of music when it was released. It was appreciated by a generation who has rock and roll in their blood. It spoke about music lovers who have had rock and roll taken away from them. And that was perhaps one of the reasons why it was a magnificent experience to listen to them. A well-maintained record will easily go for around £5000 from a trusted collector.

5. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (1978)

This song by the English rock band Queen was written by Freddie Mercury. It became an overnight commercial success and stayed in the top UK singles chart for around nine weeks, selling over a million copies during its time. The most valued record is the EMI Special Edition. There was a company event invite to go along with the record. It also came with a pen, ticket, menu card matches, a scarf and an EMI goblet. Over the years most of the collections have been lost so if you happen to have a full set, know that they are really valuable.

6. The Beatles – Love me/P.S. I love you (1962)

At their peak, The Beatles were one of the most loved bands with their songs finding a sync with their fans. They sold over a million records but not a lot of them have survived the onslaught of time. That puts it at high demand among the collectors. If you have a record in a black label with gold lettering then you are probably holding the Holy Grail for any Beatles record collector!

7. The Beatles – Please Please Me (1963)

‘Please Please Me’ was the debut studio album of the English rock band The Beatles. The songs were written by the band members themselves and were a phenomenal hit among the masses. It stayed on top of the charts for close to 30 weeks, despite not being a movie soundtrack which was usually the trend. The vinyl records of The Beatles are some of the most collected albums. These were some record breaking vinyl records that continue to astound music lovers. Most of them belong to famous artists who are still wooing people with their hit songs. If you are a music lover, you got to know how relevant these records are.

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