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I was really excited about having to review TheSmartLocal mainly because it was one of my go-to website to check out the local to-dos. I have to say, I’m one of lousy Singaporeans that pretty much know solely those few places. I don’t even remember my home address, I just know how to get home. It’s quite funny really.

Now, as a web designer/developer (I did design and built our platform and a gazillion other sites in my lifetime), aesthetically TSL isn’t in my taste (not to mention I don’t particularly like Joomla even though one of my current projects is Magento and it’s technically the same umbrella). It kinda reminds me of the PostNuke days, and that’s pretty much ancient history. To navigate the site is pretty straightforward, and if you search for things in/about Singapore on Google, TSL would probably pop up.

They say content is king, so I have to say that TSL does have a crown.

One of those notable articles on TSL would be 52 Things to do in Singapore before you die. You’d think Singapore is small… I’m telling you, there are so many of those 52 that I’ve not done, and I can’t say that I would ever be able to.

So my beef with the site is really design structure, the content is an absolute local delight, love the article structures too. I love reading so long articles works for me.

Their videos are awesome! I haven’t watched them all, but I remember the one Shawne did (Shawne is my hubby’s friend), and I remember loving it. Oh wait, I think I saw that on Shawne’s YouTube, but anyhow, when I saw it I was like “OMG it’s TSL, I want to work with them too!!!” #justsaying.


This, however, is so unforgiving!!! This article showcased 10 Undiscovered Singaporean Musicians You Need to Listen to On Youtube Now and they didn’t mention my hubby!!! WHAAAAATTTTTT. Well, all the 10 musicians were awesome, especially Shawne since he’s my hubby’s friend and I’m hopelessly bias about it… that said, my hubby is THE MOST AWESOME OF THEM ALL so please do mention the 11th, thank you! Haha.

So yes, I genuinely love that website, despite my beef with the layout. You SHOULD visit their YouTube, simply LOVE.


As promised my IG loves. Hope you’re reading this.

I’m exhausted and I’ve got a dozen more emails to go through… not to mention… there’s a press conference tomorrow. Life force, depleting, need some anime. I’m on Elemental Gelade, episode 1 in case anyone’s interested. I’d probably finish it by this week hahaha. Maybe I’d start reviewing animes. Hmmm… gotta ask permission from partner first, might take up too much of my brain cells.

Signing out now.

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