Midnight thoughts…

I can’t even remember when I started my PRINCESSA page (http://www.facebook.com/princessa.diary). From an influencer page to becoming my fashion label. Because of SAUCEink (my pride possession) I spent almost all my time just making it better and better that… my best friend is probably my team… which is still second to my laptop. This new SAUCEsite (which is linked to my Sabrina Wang Facebook Page) was created because my personal Facebook profile has been a private one since the very beginning (I’m quite anti-social to some extent) of my journey on Facebook…

I try to get on every social media platform I can, from Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr to… yes, Weibo. For someone that can barely read Chinese, Weibo is a MAJOR struggle. Creating SAUCEink, I wanted something people that are social media savvy would more quickly understand, so a lot what you see here a mix of WordPress + Facebook + Tumblr and possibly a few more platforms. Some might feel that it this means there’s no per se intellectual property or uniqueness to the product. But let’s be realistic here, with the speed technology is advancing, do you really think the software’s value is really the essence to the product? Great developers are everywhere, if the technology can be built, there’ll be someone that can copy it at possibly a fraction of the initial time spent. What can’t be copied is the people onboard.


Again, straying from my main intent. SAUCEink was created in the mindset of an entrepreneur that was looking for something integrated with a pinch of exclusivity. A platform that allows people to interact, provides content, provides a solution (ecommerce, booking, appointment, listings, etc)… at an affordable cost. On top of that, it connects with the other social media platforms… for now it’s Facebook and Twitter… but whatever I can connect, I will.

Anyway, I have many friends that are non-techies, in the process, I’ve helped built many little sites for these many friends in the last almost 20 years in this supposed trade. Which is why here, we have a few theme-ing systems 1. drag and drop (a little like Wix) 2. visual composer style (grid-style) 3. your standard WordPress-type themes/layouts (plug and play). Depending on your level of comfort you can pick either or. On the same note, we also have features that ranges from ecommerce, to your newslettering system (and yes, drag and drop, mimicking MailChimp to some extent). More importantly, we’re creating a community that can potentially help your business grow!

It might sound overly complicated right now, but in time, you’ll get used to it. Of course, to aid this project, we’re creating our learning hub “SAUCEacademy” to help our most treasured community to have a resource section to find the relevant information. We feel that a human touch still makes a little difference. So from 11am to 5pm when the academy launches, our awesome trainer will be online, aiding you through our syllabus.

I can go on and on and on, but I guess I’ll just stop here for now. I truly hope to gain your support and willingness to be the early adopters to this dream project we’re (it’s live, so no longer developing but) expanding. Sign up with us at www.sauceink.com/register and become one of us, a SAUCEr or SAUCEie.

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