How To Have Hair Free Legs

We all want smooth, hair-free legs and there are numerous ways to do so. We take a look at the best manner to get those smooth, hairless pins below.

1. The key is preparation!

When cold weather sets in, there are low levels of humidity, which leaves your skin dry and irritated.  Your best option for helping to prevent shaving bumps and razor burn is to make sure that your skin is prepared by moisturizing it before you shave.  You should do this twelve hours ahead of time at least.  If you moisturize right before shaving, your razor can get dull and leave it full of lotion.  That will prevent you from having a close shave.  So if you plan to shave first thing in the morning, then the best time for applying a moisturizer is before you go to bed the night before.

2. Before you start to shave, while you are in the shower, ensure that your skin is hydrated well.

Don’t ever shave your underarms or legs when they are dry.

3. If you drop your razor into the bathtub or wipe it dry using a towel, your razor blade might get knocked out of alignment.

If you use a razor that is out of alignment it can result in cuts and nicks.  If this happens, you should replace the razor to prevent your legs being covered with Band-Aids. To prevent this you could use an alternative like a permanent hair removal cream for men or women.

4. Irritation can result from repeat razor passes, so choose a shave prep that stays on your legs so that you can do a clean shave on them.

Try using a shave cream instead of shave gels, which run off of the body in steamy, wet environment.  The shave cream will cover the area you want to shave and adhere for a longer period of time.  If your skin is dry you want an extra dose of moisture, try to use Fure Hill And Moisturizing cream.  It is intended for dry skin and the ultra moisturizing formula contains vitamin E, Irish moss, chamomile and aloe to provide you with a close comfortable shave as well as to help restore your skin.

5. Don’t head to the shower and shave right after getting out of bed in the morning.

Your skin is too puffy from sleeping at that time and you will end up having stubble that day.  Wait before shaving at least 20 minutes.

6. Shaving helps to exfoliate the skin. You should do it all year-round, particularly in the winter, so that you can avoid flakiness and reveal softer, smoother skin.

Whey you shave during the winter, the best thing to do is to use lukewarm water.  Drink lots of water also.  Your body needs to have enough in order to keep going.  When it doesn’t get enough, it takes it from out of the water reservoir for your skin.  The recommended amount of water to rink only a daily basis is 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

7. When you shave against the hair growth direction, it usually products a very close shave. However, it can also increase the opportunities for irritation.

If you happen to have sensitive skin, you should shave in the same direction that your hair is growing- meaning from your knee to your ankle or thigh.

8. If your skin is sensitive, don’t shave using a dull razor.

Dull blades might drag across your skin.  This can ultimately result in cuts, nicks and chafing.

Instead of using a gel, you should use a cream.  Shave gels have a tendency to slide off your legs in the steamy, wet shower environment.  However, cream covers the area that you want to shave and stays on for a longer period of time, which allows you to keep the shaving preparation on your legs for as long as you are shaving.  Fewer repeat razor passes, better coverage, better shaver and the silkiest skin.

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