3 reasons why clothes make the best Christmas gifts for him

‘With the kids jingle belling, and everyone telling you be of good cheer, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!’ Although the build up to Christmas certainly is the most stressful time of year; presents, shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, planning, booking, and decorating – all in preparation for the hap-happiest season of all.

So we may not all be as joyous as Andy Williams, it’s still early days – but I can now proudly declare that all of my Christmas shopping is done, finished, finito! I blame my organisational excitement on my OCD but boy is it a good feeling to know you’ve ticked that mammoth task off your to-do list. I love buying people gifts and I always end up going over budget, particularly FOR HIM. That’s right, the boyfriend puts me out of pocket every year without him even realising. However I’ve done an Ethan Hunt and pulled off Mission Impossible this year; my other half isn’t the most fashionable fellow on the planet and so I’ve attempted to kit him out with a whole new wardrobe. With expensive taste and a tight budget I managed to transform the future him using The Selectiv’s Deacon range. The clothes are trend led, cool and simply effortless. Just what a no-fuss guy needs to encourage his fashion flair.

If you’re guy usually has a “get me anything” “I don’t know” “surprise me” response to the question ‘what do you want for Christmas?’ then follow my lead and opt for menswear because…


Some men see clothing as a luxury, and yes having a wardrobe like Kanye’s isn’t exactly a basic human right (although I wish it was), but like it or not it is highly frowned upon to leave the house naked. Therefore, by giving your other half clothes for Christmas you are essentially giving them something they need, something they can always use yet at the same they want, because it looks good. There is so much choice; jewellery, accessories, clothing, outer wear, sleep wear, underwear, footwear, formal, casual, quirky, cool etc. and with menswear brands growing and constantly expanding ranges, there is now more choice than ever.


And they won’t even realise. Using the classic ‘I thought you’d look so attractive in this’ or ‘I saw David Beckham wearing a shirt similar to this one, and you can pull off the whole DB look’ you’ll easily encourage your man to sway into your style vision. I love picking outfits for men; my male friends often ask me for style advice and my own dad regularly takes me shopping with him for “expert” tips.  They tend to trust your judgment and as a member of the opposite sex, they’re usually looking to impress the rest of my species with their attire, so opinions and help are highly sought after.

If your boyfriend is reluctant to go shopping (like mine is) then it’s also the perfect opportunity to cut out the stress of dragging him along to a store haul and surprising him with the ‘SEE NOW YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT’ excuse, making him feel like you’ve done a favour for him.


Perhaps even, they are very fashionable already. The man in your life may already have impeccable taste meaning that they would love nothing more than for you to expand their collection of Ralph Lauren shirts. But it still means you get to choose what you want them to wear and every time they wear it, they will be a walking reminder of what a considerate and tasteful girlfriend you are. Lovely.

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