Tai Sui 太岁 2015

My fortune teller was telling me that I “fan tai sui” and will be super unlucky till I pass 35/36 then smooth sailing for the remaining of my life. So far, I haven’t been all that unlucky, but I can’t not agree that I haven’t been as fortune as I used to be.

I got a little curious about all this mambo jumbo about fengshui and stuff, so decided to read up a little on it! All in pure coincidence, and I do mean this, I received a shoutout request from Feng Shui Master and… well… I checked out the site!

Tai Sui Conflict with Year of Goat 2015  犯太岁

Unlike conventional thinking, conflicting with Annual Year Tai Sui is not as bad as one may think. It merely means “CHANGES” or “MOTIONS” in your life. Collision with Tai Sui generally refers to the Year of Birth. In advanced calculations, day, month and time can be used to explore further from birth reading.

2015 feng shui conflicting signs

Year 2015, Astrological or Zodiac Signs that are in conflict with Goat are Ox, Goat, Dog and Rat. These changes can affect various aspects of your life notably Emotional, Career, Family, Wealth or Health. Most people dislike changes in their life. However some of these changes can be “good” and it may mean a “break-through” in your life e.g. getting married. Some of these changes can be “bad” for instance divorce. Most often than not those people that are in conflict with tai sui are emotional uptight and stress up. So bear with your loved ones and support them if happen that your partner is having a bad time.

Read more at FengShuiMaster.sg!

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