This Christmas, Santa brings you Alienware Arena Cyber Cafe?

Once upon a time, there was E-Games, there was DC8, there was CyberMatrix and CRC, there was Slang, there was Asteroids, and there were many many more!

Those were the days that Counter-Strike, Quake 3, StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft, etc meant more to me than sleep or anything else.

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There was a time, I could stay up all night just to game, my greatest and only past time was the PC and my many different clans.

One game after another of door-to-door de_aztec map. The perfect HE, the two bullet headshot with AK47, three bullet headshot with Carbine M4A1, and the DE plus Scout combo.

Those were the good ol’ days when my only worry was the next clan match, to top frag, or when is the next raid. I wanted to be able to headshot, to clear team, and to get the best tier 2 items; oh wait, or was it SOJs?

What was important was the frame per second (fps) my PC could perform. My connectivity was to ensure the best lag when playing online…

Those days are over. Today (or rather Tuesday 7pm at the blogger’s launch of Alienware Arena Cyber Cafe at Lucky Chinatown), despite possibly re-living that little bit of past glory with my dear BFF Priss (aka deadrose) and the oh-so-famous-and-pro Gary (aka lousyplayer), I chose to complete the “Memorandum of Collaboration” and send out emails to merchants/clients. This is life, my new life.

It might sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not, not really. I love doing what I do, and I wish I could do it better at a scale a million times bigger. But this really isn’t about my work.

So yes, I was ecstatic about attending the launch of ALIENWARE Arena Cyber Cafe! It would have been great if Gavin was there. I haven’t seen him since forever.

Dare I say it again, CYBER CAFE aka LAN SHOP! When was the last time I could say, “Oh I went to a LAN shop to play game…” And we’re not talking about any ol’ LAN shop, we’re talking about one FULLY equipped with ALIENWARE! It’s a gamer’s dream to own one of those.

When I wish upon a star, I wish this Christmas, Santa (hello Gavin, you do somewhat look like Santa if you wear a red fury suit and hat) would give me a new PC and it’s Alienware. I’m seriously. My PC is DEAD and I haven’t been able to play my 11-years-wait Diablo 3, my DotA (no not 2, cause yes, as LP said, I’m a NOOB or CMi – not Crystal Maiden Invincible but CANNOT MAKE IT), my (sigh) Guild Wars 2, etc.

Of the many events that I’ve attended, this is one of those that I really can’t imagine attending – launch of a Cyber Cafe (aka LAN shop).

Given that 12-months free membership at the Alienware Arena Cyber Cafe at level 3, Lucky Chinatown; I’d love to say you’ll be seeing me there every other day, but unfortunately, that’s really not gonna happen. I do however, urge those that have the time to LAN game to go there. Why? Simply cause, HELLO it’s Alienware equipped. Plus, they sell Alienware there too. I would love to game all day all night long, but time truly forbids me too.

That said, LAN party folks! We should totally have something like an old school gamers gathering and Alienware Arena should totally SPONSOR and ORGANISE this gathering.

Also, how about a set of Alienware for this sweet princess, ex-gamer girl? Haha. No seriously.

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