Celebrating Labour Day: A day of reflection and empowerment

As we embrace the spirit of Labour Day, a day earmarked to honour the incredible contributions of workers around the globe, it’s a moment not just to relax but to reflect on the value of our work and the journey towards personal and professional fulfilment.

At People’s Inc. 360, Royal Privileged, and all our associated companies, partners, and associates, we recognise the hard work, dedication, and passion that each one of you brings to your roles every day.

Labour Day is rooted in the ethos of worker’s rights and celebrating the dignity of labour. This ethos resonates deeply with what we cultivate at PRINCESSA Academy‘s Royal Launch School. Our mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs by transforming passion into prosperity, allowing for freedom in time, wealth, location, and happiness. We believe that the spirit of Labour Day aligns perfectly with our goal of nurturing the next wave of leaders and innovators.

At PRINCESSA Academy, we see entrepreneurship as a journey of continuous learning and growth. It’s about building something impactful, not just for oneself but for the community at large. This Labour Day, let’s remember that every big achievement begins with the decision to try and the courage to continue.

Exciting updates and new horizons

As part of our commitment to continuous growth and innovation, we are thrilled to announce several upcoming programs and collaborations:

1. Student challenges at PRINCESSA Academy: We’re enhancing our rewards system! Achieve milestones in your entrepreneurial journey and earn not just digital badges but also exclusive physical charms that symbolise your accomplishments.

2. New programmes launching: Stay tuned for our upcoming courses designed to empower you further:

  • E-mail marketing mastery: Dive deep into strategies that convert subscribers into loyal customers.
  • Wellness weight loss programme (under ESL): A holistic approach to wellness and entrepreneurship, helping you maintain peak performance.

3. Exciting launches: We’re gearing up for some fantastic initiatives across our ventures:

  • ModeSugar: Redefining fashion tech with innovative personalisation.
  • GirlBoss.Asia: Empowering women across Asia with resources to command their careers.
  • PetByU: New offerings that celebrate the joy pets bring into our lives.
  • Metier Digest: Stay ahead with insights and trends from the business and tech landscapes.

4. Collaboration spotlight: We are proud to feature Styling With Tracy, a member of the Royal Launch School cohort. This collaboration aims to blend personal branding with style, which is essential for every aspiring entrepreneur.

5. People’s Inc. internal challenge: I encourage all our team members to check PINC HQ for the latest challenge details and additional bonuses. Let’s make this Labour Day a starting point for new growth opportunities!

Join us on this journey

To all the employees of People’s Inc. 360, Royal Privileged, and our extended network of partners and associates, thank you for your unwavering commitment and for making every challenge a milestone achieved. Your hard work fuels our collective success, and together, we will continue to innovate and lead.

As we celebrate today, take a moment to think about where your current path could lead you and how harnessing your passions can not only enhance your career but also enrich your life. If you feel inspired to take this next step, I warmly invite you to reach out and explore how the Royal Launch School can be part of your journey. Let’s continue to grow, innovate, and inspire together.

Happy Labour Day to all!

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