Happy Valentine’s EdSab (“love”) date?

Valentine’s is here again, and guess what? Ed and I swapped out the roses for something greener this time. Yep, matcha’s our game, and we’re not just talking about a quick cuppa; we went all out on a matcha spree. Who needs candlelight when you’ve got that gorgeous green glow?

Why a matcha date?

So, why a comic about a matcha date, you ask? It’s simple: Ed and I are all about those little things that make us go, “We’re such a match(a)!” It’s not the big, flashy stuff that defines us, but the weird, wonderful world we create together – like geeking out over a foamy, green drink. And let’s be honest, it’s pretty hilarious seeing two grown adults get this excited over matcha, right?

Two matcha fans

Now, let’s spill the tea on our matcha date without going panel by panel. Picture this: Two matcha heads, eyes wide as saucers, absolutely buzzing to dive into a heap of matcha goodies. We’re talking cakes, smoothies, the works. And there we were, capturing the madness, not for a “photo shoot” (we’re not that extra), but to freeze the moment where we found our kind of weird. Because when you do find that person who’s on the same wacky wavelength as you, well, that’s when you know it’s real. So, we say, find your match(a), and never let ’em go!

The matcha date experience: More than just a sip

Okay, full disclosure – Ed and I didn’t actually celebrate Valentine’s by painting the town matcha green. But we did have a good laugh thinking back to our actual matcha date, which, believe it or not, was every bit as fun as the comic suggests. Nowadays, we’re all about the cafe-hop life. It’s me pulling Ed from one cafe to another, chasing after the new, the novel, the ‘gram-worthy. And you know what? It’s these adventures, the ones that push us out of our comfy routine, that sprinkle a little more magic onto the embers of our relationship. Finding new spots and tasting new treats are our ways of keeping the journey exciting. Because in the grand tapestry of love, the new threads add colour and keep it from fraying at the edges.

Capturing moments: Beyond the ‘gram

Now, about those snaps. I’ve been a content creator for a hefty chunk of my life, and let me tell you, the habit of capturing moments is like muscle memory – it just happens. And while some may say, “Live in the moment, forget the photos,” here’s my take: Memories are like fireflies, beautiful but fleeting. Photos? They’re the jars we keep those fireflies in, not for the likes or shares, but for those days when we need to remind ourselves of the warmth of those little lights. So yes, I click away, preserving bits of now for the days ahead.

The message: Embrace your brand of weird

And here we are at the heart of it all – finding your own kind of weird. Our comic might have given a cheeky nod to the ‘normal‘ weird of snapping pics of your food, but Ed and I? We’ve got our own flavour of weird, and it’s flavoured with a dash of otaku and a sprinkle of anime marathons. It’s in these shared passions, the ones that might make others go “Huh?“, where we find our deepest connection. Because when Saturday rolls around, you’ll find us curled up, lost in worlds of our favourite anime, and that’s our kind of perfect. It’s not just about sharing hobbies; it’s about sharing your heart and your quirks and finding the person who not only gets it but gets into it with the same enthusiasm. That’s our kind of weird, our kind of love.

The shared journey

So, what’s the takeaway from our Valentine’s matcha madness and anime binges? It’s that life’s a shared journey. The path’s brighter, the laughter’s louder, and the memories are richer when you have someone who’s all in with your kind of weird. Through cafe-hopping escapades and the quiet contentment of shared silence, Ed and I have woven a tapestry that’s uniquely ours. It’s not always perfect, but it’s always us. And that’s what makes every snapshot, every shared sip of matcha, and every anime episode utterly priceless.

Share your weird, wonderful love

Now, I’m tossing the ball into your court. I’d love to hear about the quirky traditions that make your relationships tick. Share your stories; the funnier, the better, and let’s celebrate the wonderfully weird ways we show love. Drop a comment, send a pic, make us laugh, make us go “aww” – let’s get the conversation rolling!

The freedom trio: Time, wealth, and location

Speaking of rolling, let’s talk about rolling out your dreams into reality. As a content creator, community builder, and advocate for monetising your passion, I know how vital it is to carve out time for the people and moments that matter most. Imagine having the freedom of time, wealth, and location – to sip that matcha latte with your loved one without glancing at the clock, to enjoy that anime marathon without the nag of Monday blues.

This is where PRINCESSA Academy‘s Royal Launch School swings open its doors for you. We’re not just about building a business; we’re about crafting a lifestyle where your work fuels your life, not consumes it. We want you to be free to live, love, and create on your terms. So, if you’re ready to take that leap and start living life on the front foot, join us. Let’s turn your passions into your empire and do it with heart, hustle, and a touch of royal flair.

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