Results: Are you suitable to be an entrepreneur?

Uncover your entrepreneurial potential with PRINCESSA Academy‘s assessment. From trailblazers to cautious planners, discover your strengths, challenges, and the following steps to enhance your journey.

Discover where you stand on the entrepreneurial spectrum! Whether you embody entrepreneurial royalty, a budding businessperson needing a bit of polish, a cautious planner, or someone whose strengths lie outside the entrepreneurial realm, there’s a path for you.

Each category comes with its unique strengths and challenges. From fearless trailblazers to those who value stability, everyone can benefit from the Royal Launch School programme at PRINCESSA Academy, which offers insights and skills to refine your journey, regardless of your entrepreneurial inclination.

Take the quiz to find out!

Note: Without taking the quiz, the below outcomes might not make much sense.

Royalty πŸ‘‘: Entrepreneurial royalty awaits!

You are the embodiment of entrepreneurial royalty.

You’re a fearless trailblazer, ready to dive into the unknown and carve out your own path. Icons like Richard Branson, Sara Blakely, and Howard Schultz faced uncertainty head-on and emerged victorious.

🌟 Strengths:

  • Risk-taking: You’re not afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Resilience: You bounce back from setbacks with renewed vigour.
  • Vision: You can see opportunities where others see obstacles.

⚠️ Challenges:

  • Overconfidence: Sometimes, you might bite off more than you can chew.
  • Impulsiveness: Quick decisions can sometimes lead to pitfalls.
  • Burnout: Your high energy can sometimes lead to exhaustion.

Your next step: To harness your boundless energy and potential, consider joining the Royal Launch School programme at PRINCESSA Academy. Here, you’ll refine your instincts and learn to channel your passion effectively.

Aspirant 🌟: You could wear the crown with a little polish.

You have the makings of an entrepreneur.

You tread the line between caution and courage, making you a balanced and thoughtful businessperson. Icons like Mark Zuckerberg, Tory Burch, and Jack Ma started with an idea and polished their skills to build empires.

🌟 Strengths:

  • Adaptability: You can navigate changing landscapes.
  • Prudence: You weigh the pros and cons before diving in.
  • Learning attitude: You’re open to feedback and growth.

⚠️ Challenges:

  • Hesitation: Sometimes, you might miss opportunities waiting for the “right” moment.
  • Over-analysis: You can get caught in analysis paralysis.
  • Self-doubt: You might second-guess your decisions.

Your next step: To sharpen your entrepreneurial acumen and build confidence, the Royal Launch School programme at PRINCESSA Academy is your ideal destination.

Squire 🌱: Perhaps a squire before a knight.

You have the potential, but it needs nurturing.

You’re cautious and prefer a clear roadmap before embarking on any journey. Icons like Jeff Bezos, Mary Kay Ash, and Ray Kroc started with a clear plan and adapted along the way.

🌟 Strengths:

  • Planning: You like to be prepared for every eventuality.
  • Caution: You avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Reflectiveness: You take time to ponder and strategise.

⚠️ Challenges:

  • Over caution: You might miss out on timely opportunities.
  • Reluctance to change: Adapting to new situations can be challenging.
  • Fear of failure: This can hold you back from trying.

Your next step: To cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit and learn to balance caution with action, consider the Royal Launch School programme at PRINCESSA Academy.

Explorer πŸƒ: Entrepreneurship might be something other than your quest.

Your strengths lie in other realms.

While the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship might not be your calling, your skills and passions are invaluable elsewhere. Icons like J.K. Rowling, Angela Merkel, and Yo-Yo Ma have significantly impacted their respective fields outside of traditional entrepreneurship.

🌟 Strengths:

  • Stability: You value consistency and reliability.
  • Deep focus: You excel when diving deep into a task or field.
  • Loyalty: You’re committed to your chosen path.

⚠️ Challenges:

  • Fear of the unknown: New ventures can be intimidating.
  • Resistance to change: You prefer the tried and true.
  • Narrow focus: Sometimes, you might miss the forest for the trees.

Your next step: Even if entrepreneurship isn’t your primary calling, the skills and knowledge from the Royal Launch School programme at PRINCESSA Academy can be invaluable in any field. Equip yourself with entrepreneurial insights that can be applied universally.

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