Toast to JIU Asia 2023: Singapore’s premier spirits expo

Ignite your senses at JIU Asia 2023, Singapore’s premier spirits expo featuring a collection of local and independent brands, white-label selections, unique whisky collections and a curated baijiu showcase in the majestic Marina Bay Sands!

Darlings, it’s time to elevate your spirits! Let’s bid adieu to the mundane and welcome the extraordinary at Singapore’s premier event – the much-awaited JIU Asia 2023! This isn’t just any spirit-filled gathering but an indulgence in the world of baijiu, whisky and spirits, where the who’s who of the industry grace the occasion with their presence. An exclusive event where independent and local brands, rare casks and collections, and white-label selections take centre stage, isn’t that exciting?

Set in the heart of Singapore, the Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands offers a lavish ambience, perfect for unravelling the secrets of baijiu, the finest whiskies and spirits from around the globe. Picture this, darling – soaring ceilings, and state-of-the-art amenities, all reverberating with the clinks of glasses and sophisticated chatter. Doesn’t it scream pure luxury?

Now, let’s pour into the highlight reel, shall we?

Savour the hidden gems with our guided tasting sessions: Take your palate on an adventure with an extraordinary range of flavours from exclusive independent and local brands, white-label selections, and rare collections. Don’t just taste, darling, savour!

Learn from the best with our expert-led masterclasses: No better time to broaden your whisky and baijiu horizon. The Whisky Man Keith K L Chong, Timothy Barnes, and Brendan Pillai will ensure it!

Explore the mystique of Chinese baijiu culture: Embark on a sensory exploration of the thousand-year-old Chinese baijiu culture. Savour its unique variants and learn the art of appreciation for this revered beverage.

Uncover the lucrative secrets of spirits investments: Baijiu, whisky, and spirits are not indulgences but investments. Gain insights from industry insiders and unlock the potential of spirits as modern asset classes.

Bid on some of the world’s finest and rarest spirits with our exclusive hybrid auction: Bid on some of the world’s finest and rarest spirits at our 3-day hybrid auction, hosted by Liquid Gold Auctioneer, Asia’s premier professional online auction platform.

Engage in spirited conversations with industry experts: Network with a diverse community of spirits enthusiasts and forge new connections over spirited discussions.

Our three-day extravaganza, meticulously planned by TAG, CEMS, and the Restaurant Association of Singapore, partnered with People’s Inc. (PINC), People’s Inc. 360 (PINC 360), and People’s Inc. Influence (PINCfluence), ensures an excellent event. Isn’t it time to live a little?

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Join us as we celebrate the art of baijiu, whisky and spirits at JIU Asia 2023! Cheers, my loves!

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