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The sun is up, the temperatures are rising and the festive season is not over just yet. One last round to indulge to our heart’s content before we get back to the grind – Chinese New Year is around the corner.

Every year, most will focus on wearing red, RED and MORE R E D!

Here’s we think it is time to switch it up. To stand out amongst the throng of relatives (in a good way) is to not dress like them. Plus, I love a little compliment that does not revolve around my personal life.

This time around, show ’em some leg. Chicken leg? No, your legs. I am going to show you some mini dresses you can wear, so your legs can perspire in peace in the sweltering heat.

I scoured through Shopbop, and I am positive that I hit the jackpot. Come shop along with me!


Let’s start off with something cute and fun. This sunny yellow dress is lightweight and easy to wear. I love a little ruffle detail so it gives a little volume to the dress. Thank God it is a short dress because if it is long, you might pass off as a can-can dancer. The button detail and blue contrast trimmings give the dress a little flavour. Perfect for the first day of CNY!

Susana Monaco Long Sleeve Mock Neck Slash Front Dress

Caution, this dress should not be worn to visit your relatives because they might squeal in horror – however, if they are not superstitious and pretty cool, you could pull this off. This dress is perfect for meet-ups with long lost friends as it is figure-hugging and shows off the contours of your body. Trying to fish compliments? I know, we don’t have to be modest about that. The cutout of the dress gives it an edgy look and yes, it is made out of comfortable stretchy material – double win!

Area Stretch LamΓ© Shirred Mini Dress

If you have a personality of a diva, this dress will suit you. For those who are not, try it out anyway. I love the magical traits a ruched dress gives ANYONE. Keeping in mind that any Chinese New Year gathering will always be around food, the pooch that appears from nomming on your favourite food will be hidden behind the ruched fabric, and by the time the gathering is over, you’d still maintain that perfect silhouette.

alice + olivia Kirby Piped Ruffle Short Sleeve Dress

Black is permissible in some families or else, only pick this dress if you want to create waves. Honestly, I don’t really care because I love to have tonnes of clothes to choose from throughout the festive season and if I can’t wear it to a particular family meet, I’d just wear this dashing piece to the office on the first day I clock in. Festive mood, am I right? I just love how demure and sweet this dress looks. The white piped trim gives it more character. The white trim in the middle will serve as a waist-definer, and that is what I think I need.

Solace London Finley Mini Dress

BOOM BABY! If you want to make a statement at a more formal CNY event, I’ve got you covered. Think Beyonce at the 2020 Golden Globes, this dress will push all the haters aside and keep the compliments strolling in. Come on, it is 2020, ain’t nobody got time for all that negativity! If you are flat-chested, this flounce at the bosom area will give you the boost you need without a magical push-up bra. I am counting on you to WORK this piece!

So there you have it, five mini dresses for any occasion that will make you a stunner. In fact, let’s make legs the hymn for the year! Our shoulders got too much attention the previous years anyway.

If you are looking to get your hands on these gorgeous pieces, click on Shopbop and start your shopping spree now. The items above are all linked for your convenience.


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