Patterns, sequins and fashion with Anwaar from Artista

In an age where artists, visual and graphic designers rely on tools like photoshop and illustrators, Anwaar stood out from the rest with a more traditional approach to creating art: paper, markers, acrylics, coloured pencils, paint. As the old saying goes, there is no need to change what works, and these classic art tools enables Anwaar to come out with even more creative patterns and fashion designs. 

Here are some illustrations that I find really intriguing:

1. Once upon a time…

It’s amazing how combining various art tools together, you can achieve such a beautiful interpretation of a princess gown. This is a dress that will blow minds and make a really gorgeous wedding dress!

2. The lady in red

We have all heard of the lady in red. A mysterious lady that has an aura of charm and grace, showing her presence with a passionate red dress. Again, this creativity is hardly possible with the limitations of a software.

3. Wild, high heels

The key difference in always in its subtlety. With this slight leopard imprint behind a rosy red, tells of a lady who is not afraid to show the world her passion to live a life unlike the norm. When you look into her eyes, you will see a motivated woman with a slight sprinkle of wildness that will spice things up!

A little more about the artist Anwaar

Born and raised in Kuwait, since she was a kid she loved art in its different forms. starting off with craft and scrapbooking projects, draw, and decorating any items she had on hand. Later on, she moved into writing and graphic design. She has been writing since she was 18 years old and became a graphic designer since the 90’s. She established her business focusing on pattern design back in 2012, and soon moved in the field of fashion designs. Her speciality is in Islamic and Arabic pattern designs.

Follow her on the following channels:

Instagram: Anwaar.saleh
Twitter: Anwaar_saleh
Snapchat: Artistakw

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