These knives may just be as tough as an aircraft

Recently when I was looking around for kitchen tools, I came across a very intriguing Kickstarter project on knives. It is not the usual kind of steel knives you see lying around in home kitchens, rather, this set of knives has Titanium infused into them. Wait a second, isn’t that the exact metal being used to replace steel on modern aircrafts? Does that mean that this new knife is much more tougher and longer-lasting compared to the usual? My curiosity piqued, I had to check out their Kickstarter project at:

The first thing I saw was the word “Titanium”, followed by a rather epic (you should listen to the music) video clip showcasing the Titanium knives in action. Watch it below:

I took a closer look at the brand name and found it to be rather familiar. The name “Sternsteiger Stahlwaren” rang a bell in my head. Wasn’t it the same brand that produced these kind of specialist knives a few years back? Turns out that  I was right and this is the second generation of Titanium knives that they are releasing out this year. It sounds to me that this may just be the iPhone of the knives industry.

Scrolling through a little more, I must say I am quite impressed with their methodology of creating the knife. There are tons of technical jargons that they used that might confuse the layman a little (just like me), however, I understood enough to see what differentiates this set of knives from the others available in the market. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

Isn’t it gorgeous? They call this design the “Chef’s Knife”. It’s an all purpose kitchen knife that you can use for most regular type of cutting within the kitchen. Isn’t it so pretty? They sure know how to make a good-looking knife!

Another knife within their collection I was attracted to was the paring knife, again, it looked really beautiful, take a look at it:

At this point I’m already just gushing out rainbow from my wide open mouth. How can they make a knife look so pretty and deadly-looking at the same time? I went through the specifications and their company’s background, found them to be pretty legit. I’m definitely considering them as one of the knives I might be getting for my home kitchen. Meanwhile, excuse me as I continue to gush and drool over this really tasty looking knives!

For more information, check out their Kickstarter site at:

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