To achieve a goal, you focus and just stick to it. It's like doing a pitch, you spend time and effort to do up 'the proposal', you sell your idea, and if the client likes it, they sign the contract. If they don't, move on. I tend to practice this in general sense. I honestly do not linger around or dwell for long. ;p
This is ULTRA FUNNY! ENFP vs. INFP "I'm not sure. Beside the E and the I part, I don't really see that much of a difference or at least no notice it. Like I said on another thread, ENFPs are like INFP's on a sugar rush while drunk. lol" Hmmm... possible. Very possible.
"Things that used to make sense no longer makes sense to me." Q: Is this statement accurate? Q: In what context would this be accurate? Q: What is the objective of making this statement? Q: Is there a better way to phrase this to bring across the message I'm trying to communicate? ... This is an example of a sweeping statements I tend to make and the corrective measures (questions I ask myself) I'm taking, to provide context and better phrase the sentence, allowing me to bring across the point I'm trying to make. Does the above make sense?
I'm very sad now, I realise I might have lost part of my memory. I don't remember the period when I was closest to Ling. I remember primary school and 16 onwards but in between is blank. I really have no recollection of any of the incidents or that we and the other girl actually hanged out together, went skating or anything. In fact, I don't remember a lot of the people she mentioned. Sab is sad and having a major headache.
How the hell did the week go by so quickly? Any kind soul care to send me to the airport by 4am? Anyway, *ahem* I'm so tempted to say it but... I shall not. Not yet? Ahhh I really can't decide. What if I'm making the wrong choice again? What if I MIA after 1 week and we can't even be friends (oh that has sooo happened before)? What if... Really need some advice, I'm damn worried if I agree to this and I end up screwing it up big time. This is like major dilemma. The reason why I'm even considering this is the damn Pros and Cons :( there are just too many Pros as compared to Cons >.
My purpose of profiling isn't to find a belonging but to understand my strengths and weaknesses. I answered the test based on my new set of practices and I would stick to this framework. Need be, I would refine it to what I deem as perfection. It's not a form of domestication but evolution. I would do whatever necessary to achieve goal. Improve efficiency and effectiveness. Work hard, play hard, think smart. IMG_20130308_2
Don't take my negative words into context. I keep falling into this depression mode when things get a little rough. At the end of my whining, I still pick myself up and move forward. Always has been and always will be. It just takes a while for me to adapt to the change again.
Relieved a bit of the agony. I can't not do it yet I don't have any confidence to pull it off. So much at stake. Can't things be a little less complicated for a change and just go smoothly according to the plan? Why do they have to keep changing and mess up my whole schedule. Donno how much more I can take before I truly break. This is complete and utter crap.

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