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Hey there! I’m Princessa (pronounced as Prin-ces-sa), the alter ego, online persona, pen name, or however you want to call it, of Sabrina Wang. I believe my calling in life is to make my life (and yours) absolutely fabulous!

I write about fairy tales, thoughts, fashion, online shopping (and off), fitness, health, beauty (or rather, anti-ageing), travel, love, relationship, inspiration, motivation, gaming, gadgets, animes, etc., and more importantly, living life to its fullest!

My blog currently has over 10,000 subscribers and is growing!

I will post a mention of your product, services, website or simply just you, limited to one (1) URL. You write the article. I will amend it to suit my site. The only stipulation is that it must be lifestyle-related, which is just about anything, really.

The article:

  •  Must be family-friendly.
  •  Must contain at least one image.
  •  Needs to be over 300 words to be accepted.

I need to pre-approve the post, or I will cancel the gig if the post is not a good fit.



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