Introduction to Basic HTML & CSS for WordPress Users


If you are a WordPress user frustrated about not being able to make basic styling changes to your website, you NEED this course. This course exposes you to just about enough knowledge of both HTML and CSS to be able to style your WordPress website all on your own.

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There are many WordPress users who want to know how to make simple changes to their website so they don’t have to spend money on hiring web developers to do so. The problem is that while they want to learn, there are no CSS courses online that teach students the basics of HTML and CSS specifically for WordPress websites.

This course is designed specifically for WordPress users like you with no programming experience. You will learn the basics of HTML and CSS but from a WordPress perspective.

Course Curriculum:

In the first section, you will be given a brief overview of HTML and CSS and also what web inspectors are.
We will cover the basics of HTML in the second section. You will learn:

  • The basic structure of an HTML page
  • The differences between inline and block elements
  • Spans and inline styling
  • Backgrounds
  • Margins, borders and padding and much more.

In the third section, we will focus squarely on CSS. You will first learn how to create child themes from your parent theme and how they generally work on WordPress websites. You will then learn about the basic structure of a CSS code and why CSS is such a powerful tool for designing websites. You will also learn about classes & IDs and also the extremely important rules of CSS specificity.

Section 4 is where all the fun starts. Having already gained the basic knowledge of both HTML and CSS, you will learn how to apply the knowledge to make design changes to a wide variety of WordPress themes in a series of projects. You will also learn about different types of CSS properties and we will round up the course by learning about the basics of CSS animations.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have no programming experience but want to learn the basics of HTML and CSS
  • WordPress users interested in learning how to make simple styling changes to their website

What you’ll learn

  • Make simple CSS changes to their WordPress websites
  • Understand how HTML and CSS work to produce a web page
  • Use web inspectors to identify the styling used on web pages


  • Basics of WordPress
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML or CSS is helpful but not required

NOTE: Pricing is in USD


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