Reading the drama, which I really think is retarded (seriously, how people wanna celebrate their birthday is really their own problem, no?) and amusing (press release is a bit of an overkill, not judging, I can't say I wouldn't have done the same - actually, I probably wouldn't, but I can imagine *ahem* would do it on my behalf; the comments are really quite funny...) at the same time... the most retarded thought just crossed my mind. Would my dear celebrity DJ darling Pegs be willing to sponsor me and spin during my birthday? /me open watery eye big big... image I've got over four months to plan this man. It's a turn of a decade, quite a big deal. So many random suggestions, still can't decide the best alternative. Every year I go, "I want a big party!" But when the date gets closer... I go into a panic, then I back out and somewhat MIA. Then my closest friends will somewhat dig me out (it's really not at all hard to do so actually...) and do a small little gathering to make me super duper happy. But this year, is different. How many turn of a decade am I going to get? The next turn of a decade, I'd probably have kids, and the world would completely revolve around them. So yes, I have to do something, right? Maybe. So difficult to decide.
Nearly freaked out... the guys counted the man hours wrongly. Almost under quote (technically, I did under quote, quickly rectified it via email). The thing about custom development is that, ever man hour makes a difference. Why I'm willing to go at cost for this, cause it looks like a good app. Hurhur. Okay, so I still have a bit of passion left in this business. What can I say...
Had two great meetings today! One that more or less crafted the development of my oh-so-exciting "pet project" that is literally for #pets, and the other to firm up the partnership with a dear friend of mine for my #fashion boutique! Wootz! image
In case you haven't heard, I'm running the #giveaway like I said I was going to. (My apologies, due to exams, I had to MIA for a bit.) If you haven't seen it, here's the post: I thank you all for your entries so far. And I especially appreciate those of you who actually bothered to read a little instead of simply saying, "The watch looks pretty!" No offense meant. There's nothing wrong with the statement, of course, the watch is truely gorgeous. It's just that, it means a lot more when a writer receives a letter from a reader that shows the reader actually read what was written and not just comment on the pretty pictures taken. It can be apleasing when someone corrects my English (in a nice way, of course). It goes to show they actually took the time to vet through more thoroughly. You know what I mean? After all, I'm a writer, not a photographer per se... Anyway. So far, this is one of the best entries I've received and I thought I should share it with the rest of you. image Thanks Jim, I totally feel you.
The most amusing thing ever. So, apparently I need to issue a 70k cheque, but my partner is "unavailable" and our cap for one signatory is 1k. So, I was like joking to the vendor saying... how does 70 cheques sound? Lolx. In fact, probably 71 cheques, cause I'm not quite sure if it's suppose to be under 1k (which means 999) or exactly 1k. #firstworldproblems

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