If you didn't catch my Instagram, here's a thought or two I posted just hours ago! image Baby 我们的爱会是永远! @edzmusic 好爱好爱你~! ♡♡♡ 呵呵。 (In reference to a song he performed at Acid Bar.) Anyway, here's a little titbit about #EdSabLove (www.edsablove.com - coming soon). It's actually a play of words. If you pronounce it out loud it says #AcceptLove. Love is a funny thing. Often I hear people complaining about how they can't find the one or how they're partners have done them not. Thing is, it's all about acceptance. If you "accept love" you'll feel the bliss. It #takestwotoclap, #truelove comes in simple packages. Still in my #honeymoon period. Lolx. #likeasifidamnprololx! Baby and I decided to do a YouTube channel (or rather I thought of it, and baby is going along with my plan lolx)! This makes www.edsablove.com even more interesting. We plan on churning couple oriented content, mixed with popculture and probably some music elements (baby playing some instrument and singing). Gonna try to make it humorous, if possible. Do support and subscribe to us! Update soon! Blog about it soon! XOXO, Princessa
Baby is subbing at Acid Bar (close to my old house, hehe) at 12 midnight to 2+am?! Me, the hard working girlfriend that I am, jumps at the opportunity to listen/watch/photo/video her handsome, talented and what-not boyfriend! Hehe. image Baby and Mavis on stage; glaring, laughing, having fun duet-ing. Dum dum dum. /me pretends to be jealous! 😈 #justkidding Check out baby's new website/blog, Facebook Page and Instagram! For more #MondayBluesBand updates... follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (kinda just syndicating) and HERE?! Instagram is the most real time, fyi. XOXO, Princessa
The plan was to have #breakfast while we designed our very own custom swimwear from Surania... but I kinda was stuck at home replying one million and one emails from work; ended up only reaching baby's place at 11am! We had #breakfast at his school's cafeteria instead. image Baby is not so used to his new haircut, and he feels his glasses doesn't suit anymore; instead of selfie-ing he took the top of his head and I #photobomb-ed it! Lolx. XOXO, Princessa

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